31. 08. 2014

Link Love

Good morning! What are your plans today? We’re preparing all the surfaces in the en-suite bathroom for some fresh paint, and then it’s a simple afternoon watching the football!

Before that I’d like to share with you just a few of my favourite posts in August.

From Michelle Why Do I Write About Personal Finance?

Claire’s fantastic 40 Piece Minimalist Wardrobe

Frugalwoods has a great post on eating when traveling  Travel Cheap by Eating Like a Local

Love this Airstream Land Yacht Interior Tour from Melanie at A Small Life

I also owe a big thank you to Joe at Budget Breakaway and M at There’s Value who have both nominated me for a Liebster Award! Thanks guys, it’s much appreciated. Answers to your questions to follow.

Ok that’s it for today! Back tomorrow with a menu plan!



photo: london mews houses, canal locks, dinner out

30. 08. 2014

Grocery haul! Here’s what I purchased on Thursday to complete my grocery spending for August.


I also bought 4 cans of soup, black pepper, garlic granules and a loaf of bread. I changed our menu plan for this weekend – we’re now having pulled pork burritos and subs over the two days as I bought a slow cooker. I can’t wait to get using it! The leg joint was £6.44, but it should do us for a lot of meals.

I spent in total £47.62.

Receipt breakdown:
- £2.00 Soup x 4 cans
- £2.50 Black Pepper
- £1.00 Chopped Garlic
- £1.10 Seafood Sauce
- £1.00 Milk
- £3.00 Yogurts x 8
- £4.00 Butter x 2
- £1.10 Sour Cream
- £1.50 New Potatoes
- £1.00 Bananas
- £1.00 Red Onions
- £2.00 Organic Grapes
- £1.00 Spinach
- £0.69 Broccoli
- £2.50 Organic Apples x 5
- £1.70 Portabello Mushrooms
- £1.50 Peppers x 3
- £0.00 Organic Spring Onions (Free with offer)
- £1.00 Rolls x 8
- £1.35 Loaf
- £0.70 Naan x 2
- £3.75 Frozen Salmon x 6
- £2.49 Prawns
- £3.30 Bacon
- £6.44 Pork Joint

I just scraped in on my grocery budget this month, but we’ve eaten out a lot. Must do better in September!

August Grocery Budget: £214.06/£216.00

How did your grocery spending go in August? Are you under or over budget?

28. 08. 2014

I shared my plans for the laundry cupboard a couple of weeks ago, but here’s another small room that I’m hoping to tackle over the coming weeks.

En-Suite Bathroom:

We don’t plan on doing too much in this room, all it really needs is a little brightening up.

en-suite bathroom


- The blue border tile is really not my taste, but it’s staying as we’re working on a £200 budget for this room – I’m expecting most of that to go on the fixtures and fittings.
- The walls look yellow in this photo because of how dark the room is – they’re actually cream – so I’m going to use a bright white paint to lighten them up.
- The flooring may have to wait until the master bathroom is completed as I might use the same in both.

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