20. 11. 2014

Apartment to-do list

I don’t know if I’m late doing this (or even early?), but I’ve started to think about my goals for 2015. And top of the list will be completing the following to-do list. Our downsized home is not in a bad state of repair (apartment from the bathroom & the carpets), but it does need a little updating.

The complete list of items to accomplish:

+ Paint throughout
+ Replace flooring throughout
+ Fully replace family bathroom (take out bath and add walk in shower)
+ Fix En-suite shower (it falls off!) and re-grout tiling
+ Add shoe storage to hall
+ Replace light fittings in living area & kitchen
+ Fix Bedroom #2 light fitting
+ Add x 2 blinds to living area
+ Replace or update kitchen units
+ Add dishwasher (kitchen)
+ Replace sink unit, hob and oven (kitchen)

It’s not a huge to-do list – I’m hopeful we can get all the work completed fairly early in the New Year – the main issue is the order in which to do everything as we’re working in such a small space. At the moment I’m thinking bedrooms, bathroom, en suite and then living area/kitchen, but this may change.



15. 11. 2014

Liberty Island

We took the ferry to Liberty (and Ellis) Island yesterday. We didn’t go up the Statue, but still had a lot of fun walking around the base of it! The view of Manhattan is pretty special too.

Ferry tickets $18 (each) – pre-booked with Statue Cruises

12. 11. 2014

New York 2014

Hi Guys! We arrived safely Saturday afternoon and we seem to have been on a non stop walk ever since! I think my November goal to walk  15 miles+ has already been achieved!

We went to see the NY Jets play football on Sunday (Go Jets – sorry DB40!), and then Monday and Tuesday were spent in and around the shops! I purchased a couple of tops to add to my wardrobe, but so far that’s it.


I’m tracking our spending on this trip (as usual) and will do a full round-up when we get home. We have a mini kitchen in our hotel room (+ a hotel with breakfast included)  and this is helping to keep the food costs down.

Macys New York

I hope everyone is ok! Back soon with a few more photos :)