01. 10. 2014

As we head into the winter months I feel like my current wardrobe needs a little updating/organising/editing?! Some of my items are getting a little past their use by date, and as I plan to make a few purchases in November, it makes sense to do the edit now. I hate clothes shopping, but it’s much easier to do when you know what you need!

I have just under 40 core items at the moment – I haven’t counted them recently – but I’m expecting this to go lower temporarily, as I edit things out over the coming weeks.

First up we have 4 striped tops – I do love a striped top!

Striped tops

Clockwise starting top left:

1. Gap Long Sleeved T.
– Getting bobbly and needs to become a ‘for walks only’ top, although I do still love it!

2. Next 3/4 Sleeve (Thin Knit)
– I’ve had this top for years, but I don’t wear it too often and it still in a great condition. Stays.

3. Banana Republic Glitter Trim T
– Love it! My favourite purchase of 2014. Stays.

4. Next 3/4 Sleeve T
– Years old and tatty! Needs to get recycled.

I’m not sure if a 50% reduction is a good start of not! Anyway, I’ll keep going. Back with Part Two very soon.

Are you editing your wardrobe before the Winter? 



30. 09. 2014

Hi guys, here’s our budget for October:

October Budget

A few notes on ‘Other Expenses’ –

Electricity: We paid £47.64 for electricity in September and I’m hoping for pretty much the same in October.

Grocery: £220 seems like the ‘right’ amount for us, although I would like to reduce this if possible.

Travel: This is to buy US Dollars for our November trip.

Hygienist: Getting my teeth cleaned etc!

Miscellaneous: This is to cover a haircut, concert parking (John Legend), a meal out with my in laws and anything else that may come along.

Clothing: M needs a new suit for work after ripping his old one beyond repair. Hopefully it’ll be less expensive than this, but I’m putting the money in our budget just in case.

October Financial Goal:

Just one goal this month: Track all our spending!



23. 09. 2014

We recently moved into a small 700 sq ft apartment and I’m sharing all the details of how we fix it up to work with our simple, fairly minimalist, lifestyle.

Bedroom 2, which we use as the main bedroom, is getting a very simple makeover. New carpet (and underlay), fresh paint and a replacement curtain rail.

Bedroom 2 Before

Apart from having a new wardrobe (it’s to the left of the bed) installed when we first moved in, we’re using everything from our old house in this room. In an ideal world we would have a bed without an end rail due to space limitations, but we don’t plan on replacing it just for that reason. We originally had the bed under the window, which gave us more floorspace, but found it almost impossible to fall asleep there.

bedroom 2 paint

As you can see from the photo (hopefully you can see it!) I’ve been getting the paint tester pots out! The whole apartment is getting painted in the mixed up cheaper version of F&B Wimborne White for continuity.

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