Say Goodbye to Clutter this April (Week 3)

In March I de-cluttered my online world. In April I’m tackling physical clutter.

April decluttering

This week I sort of left our box room alone and concentrated on de-cluttering my wardrobe.

Items edited out of our home this week:

Clothes recycling

- 3 Jumpers
- 1 Vest top
- 1 tin
- 1 magazine
- 2 make-up items

On my list for next week is:

  • Organise the (dreaded) bathroom cupboard
  • Put all the car boot stuff into boxes ready for an early May sale

Are you de-cluttering this April?  Is so how did you do this week?

I need to do a separate post on my current wardrobe as I haven’t updated this list for a few months.

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Friday Miscellany

Good morning! I’m sorry for my absence this week. I was trying so hard not to get caught up in the whole ‘we’re selling our house’ stress, but it happened anyway! The good news is though, we have a buyer. It happened so fast (on the first viewing), and so it’s been a whirlwind of activity over the last few days. Not least because we haven’t even thought about finding somewhere to live yet!!

Of course so many things can go wrong between now and the day we exchange contracts – hopefully it won’t – so at the moment we’re just concentrating on family stuff (a wedding and a birthday celebration) + getting organised for our trip to Portugal. Once we’re back home, if everything is still ok with the sale, then we’ll start looking for a new place to live. Yikes!

Minimalist Wardrobe:

Minimalist wardrobe

I’ll talk about it a lot more in my de-cluttering post tomorrow (+ in a separate post next week), but I have organised my wardrobe this week. A few items needed editing out + the actual wardrobe needed a clean (dust etc). It felt good to get it done.

Ok. I think that’s it for today. I need to pop into town to drop some paperwork off + buy a few groceries (we have extra people for dinner tonight), and then hopefully I can catch up with all your blogs.

Have a lovely day :)

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Grocery Haul #14

My regular budget is £200 a month for 2/3 people. I menu plan to avoid food waste, and keep a stockpile of items we use on a regular basis.

Purchased this week:

Grocery Haul 14

Total Spent: £33.80
- £1.50 Organic Sweet Potatoes
- £1.00 Spinach
- £0.11 Onion
- £0.69 Orange Pepper
- £1.00 Mushrooms
- £2.00 Grapes
- £0.69 Broccoli
- £2.50 Seeded Bread x 2 (£2.90)
- £0.60 White Rolls x 6
- £1.00 Bagels x 4

Grocery Haul

- £5.00 Sausages x 2 packs
- £0.80 Yogurts x 4
- £1.20 Yogurt
- £0.50 Natural Yogurt
- £1.10 Sour Cream x 2
- £1.48 Milk x 6 Pints
- £1.50 Grated Cheese
- £1.49 Tortilla Chips
- £1.00 Meringue Shells
- £0.35 Tinned Peaches
- £1.34 Peanut Butter
- £1.60 Fajita Seasoning
- £1.00 Bath Cream
- £4.35 Personal Items

- Grocery £34.20
- Promotion Savings £0.40
- Coupons £0.00
- Total Spend: £33.80

I didn’t buy a lot this week as I’m trying to use up what we have in the freezer + we’re going to be away for a couple of days. If we do run of out stuff then I’ll pick up a few bits over the weekend. If not I’ll do a grocery run next Monday/Tuesday.

April Grocery Budget* £250 :: Spent so far £136.18 :: Leftover £113.82
Coupons and Points used £0.25

* B is home from university for a few weeks and has given me £50 towards food, so I’ve upped the budget for April.

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