Fantasia Barrino Reflects on "Losing Everything Twice" Amid Oscar Buzz

Fantasia Barrino – 2019 Grammy Awards Glambot

Truth is, Fantasia Barrino is grateful for where she is today.

The American Idol alum, who first played the role of Celie in the 2007 Broadway musical adaptation of The Color Purple, has reprised her part the upcoming film set to debut Dec. 25. And ahead of the movie's release, the 39-year-old has already generated acclaim and Oscar buzz for her portrayal.

It's a moment in time that she isn't taking lightly.

"For me, losing everything twice, having to fight to get back here, it feels good," Fantasia—who has been open about experiencing personal setbacks—told E! News in an exclusive interview at the Elle Women in Hollywood Celebration Decคำพูดจาก Nhà Cái Casino Online. 5. "That's why I'm going to enjoy it because my story has always been out there. I've never been afraid to share it. I feel that when you go through tests, that's your testimony. How else do you help somebody else?"

(To see more interviews from the Elle event, watch E! News Dec. 6).

And though she's experienced a lot in her life, the Grammy winner wants others to know they can also overcome any obstacle.

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"We go through things, you fall, you get back up," she shared. "So, for me to be in this room with so many amazing women like Danielle Brooks, I'm looking at these women who have a story, who are mothers, who are wives, who've fallen and gotten back up, they're fighting. I want to enjoy this and know that I worked hard to get here."

As for how she feels about the all the praise surrounding her currentlyคำพูดจาก Web Game Casino ?

"It feels great but at the same time, I'm thinking the best reward is watching these women and men leave the theater watching the movie and saying they're healed and they're whole," she noted. "And they can let go of things. All of those Oscars mean a lot to me."

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That said, if the "Truth Is" singer were to win an Academy Award, she's more than happy to accept the honor.

"But I think knowing that my work," she explained, "and what I put into it because it wasn't easy—it was very taxing, very hard and I said I would never play the role again, knowing that it's helped people—that's the biggest thing."

In fact, reprising her role was a project she initially turned down, sharing the Broadway experience was "heavy" for her. But, the film's director Blitz Bazawule was able to change her mind once he shared insight into the vision he had for her character.

"Thank God for him, he's so dope," Fantasia recently told E! News' Francesca Amiker. "When he told me he was giving Celie an imagination, I said yeah. Because here's the thing: We go through trials, but we don't do that quietly. There's something that keeps us pushing. There's something inside of you that always imagines, 'You know what? If I keep on pushing, I'm going to get there and that's what he gave her, and I love that.'"

—Reporting by Tessa Evora

Fantasia Barrino Reflects on "Losing Everything Twice" Amid Oscar Buzz

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