Spending Diary (20th July 2014)

Monday 14th July
- £45.79 Grocery
- £12.64 Beauty Items

Tuesday 15th July
- £6.20 Postage

Wednesday 16th July
- No spend day

Thursday 17th July
- £17.10 Fish & Chips

Friday 18th July
- £39.50 Ikea
- £26.76 Grocery

Saturday 19th July
- No spend day

Sunday 20th July
- £10.99 Cable (for Mum)
- £13.85 Grocery

Yikes that’s a lot of spending. It’s obvious that going our each day (like I do when I’m here), leads to extra spending. I even fell into the Ikea trap on Friday. I took Mum for a browse and ended up spending nearly £40! Must do better this week!

Spending Diary (13th July 2014)

Hi all! Part one of our move is done. Yay! Everything went really well and we’re now settled in at my Mum’s for a short time. We’re going out for a meal with family today, and then from Monday I want to get back to regular meal planning and grocery shopping.

Spending Diary:

Spending Diary

I track my spending on a daily basis, good or bad!

Tuesday 1st July
- £46.60 Grocery

Wednesday 2nd July
- £4.75 Magazines

Thursday 3rd July
- No spend day

Friday 4th July
- No spend day

Saturday 5th July
- £3.98 Grocery

Sunday 6th July
- No spend day

Monday 7th July
- £29.04 Grocery

Tuesday 8th July
- No spend day

Wednesday 9th July
- No spend day

Thursday 10th July
- £19.90 Ikea
- £8.18 Grocery
- £9.58 Lunch

Friday 11th July
- £24.99 Post redirection
- £98.02 Van Hire

I fully expect the next few weeks/months to be more ‘spendy’ than usual as we move house and then set about updating our new home. I’ll still be tracking everything we spend, but I think I’m going to stop reporting everything on this site as I wonder if you find these posts boring and just a list of numbers! Let me know! :)


photo credit: josemanuelerre via photopin cc

Spending Diary (29th June 2014)

- No spend day

- £31.85 Grocery
- £2.63 Eating Out

- No spend day

- £4.91 Grocery

- No spend day

- £4.49 Stationery
- £27.08 Grocery

- tbc

My grocery budget for June is blown. Adding up the numbers this morning it looks like we’ve spent £260+ this month! Eek! I’m not going to sweat it though – it’s just been one of those months!

I know it’s been one of those months when my Blog Reader has over 200 unread items! Hopefully I can catch up tomorrow. I can’t today as we’re going to fetch my son (and all his belongings) home from his university town.

Less than 20 days until our move now….

How was your spending been this week?