07. 05. 2014

Portugal Trip Round-Up

This holiday was our own version of Slow Travel. We didn’t make a lot of plans, and it worked out quite nicely! We rented an apartment in the heart of Cascais (Lisbon coast), and used the bus or the train to get around….although we only spent two days on the road. Our trip was basically walking & the beach + days out in Sintra and Lisbon.

Travelling from the airport to the resort of Cascais used to require car hire or a taxi, but now you can take the subway + train – although 6.30am on a Sunday morning is to be avoided if you want to avoid the party people going home ;)

Lisbon Street

Lisbon Street

Lisbon Street Tile

Lisbon Street Tile

 BUDGET/ACTUAL: £1,000/£871.70

– €390/£325.00 Apartment
– £164.00 Return Flights
– £28.00 Airport Parking

Booking Total: £517.00

– €48.00/£40.00 Transport
– €40.92/£34.10 Grocery
– €291.05/£242.54 Eating Out!
– €29.97/£24.98 Home
– €2.50/£2.08 Gift
– £11.00 Airport (Starbucks)

Spending Total: €412.44/£343.70 + £11.00 = £354.70

I’m so pleased to come in under budget!

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28. 04. 2014


To try to stay on budget (£450/Euros 550), I’m tracking my spending just like I do when I’m at home.

Spending Sunday
- £11.00 Starbucks (Airport)
– 4.60 Metro (From airport)
– 4.30 Train to Cascais (x 2)
– 9.80 Lunch
– 7.24 Grocery
– 6.00 Coffee Shop
– 17.05 Pizza


Spending Monday
- 5.00 Deli
– 9.58 Grocery
– 33.15 Dinner + Tip

All spending apart from Starbucks is in Euros

All we did today was walk (and walk) along the coastline – it’s very calming!

21. 03. 2014

I like making lists, and this one is by far my favourite.TRAVEL BUCKET LIST

I’ve had a life/travel list for what seems like ages. But just lately the wanderlust in me seems to be increasing.

At the moment I’m blaming it on my fast approaching 50th birthday (Milestone birthdays have a big effect on me – when I hit forty, I changed the way I was living practically overnight), so we shall see how this pans out. I’m not expecting that I’ll want to sell the house and backpack the world, but I might do something big and outside of my comfort zone.


+ See The Grand Canyon, Arizona
+ See Niagara Falls
+ Visit The Amalfi Coast
+ Go to Amsterdam
+ Go to Porto, Portugal
+ Go to Las Vegas
+ Go to San Francisco and see The Golden Gate
+ Go to Los Angeles
+ Go to Florence, Italy
+ Go to Seattle and visit The Space Needle
+ Go on an extended trip to New York (30 days)
+ Live in Portugal for an extended time
+ Take M on a surprise trip

Do you have a Travel Bucket List?
What place are you most looking forward to visiting?

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(photo credit via flickr cc)