12. 01. 2015

Bathroom Revamp

We’re approaching the 6 month anniversary of living in our new home, and to date progress on the revamp has been very slow…..all we’ve really done is add shelving to the laundry cupboard, and that room still needs work!

Anyway it’s a New Year and one of my goals is to get the whole apartment to do list completed by the end of the summer – 2015!! It shouldn’t be too hard a task – the to-do list is short, and the apartment is small – but if past performance is anything to go by, then I’ll need keep the procrastination at bay!

On the to-do list there are two major jobs – one is updating the kitchen, and the other is replacing (most) of the master bathroom. The bathroom doesn’t look too bad in photos^ – we’ll be trying to keep the sink and toilet – but the bath leaks, the shower doesn’t work properly and the flooring is not fixed to the floor!

Replacing a bathroom is new territory for us – one we’ll have to hire out – but I’m looking forward to getting it done and having a room that’s fully usable in the very near future.

I’ll be sharing the progress as we go along, including the budget for the project once I have an idea of the numbers, so check back soon for that. In the mean time we’re about to start working on the bedrooms. They’re a simple job compared to the bathroom, and I hope to have a progress report on them very soon.



20. 11. 2014

Apartment to-do list

I don’t know if I’m late doing this (or even early?), but I’ve started to think about my goals for 2015. And top of the list will be completing the following to-do list. Our downsized home is not in a bad state of repair (apartment from the bathroom & the carpets), but it does need a little updating.

The complete list of items to accomplish:

+ Paint throughout
+ Replace flooring throughout
+ Fully replace family bathroom (take out bath and add walk in shower)
+ Fix En-suite shower (it falls off!) and re-grout tiling
+ Add shoe storage to hall
+ Replace light fittings in living area & kitchen
+ Fix Bedroom #2 light fitting
+ Add x 2 blinds to living area
+ Replace or update kitchen units
+ Add dishwasher (kitchen)
+ Replace sink unit, hob and oven (kitchen)

It’s not a huge to-do list – I’m hopeful we can get all the work completed fairly early in the New Year – the main issue is the order in which to do everything as we’re working in such a small space. At the moment I’m thinking bedrooms, bathroom, en suite and then living area/kitchen, but this may change.



22. 10. 2014

A few weeks ago I finally got around to installing shelving in the laundry room cupboard. As I said before it’s not Pinterest worthy, but it is functional……and more importantly it was done on a budget! :)


laundry room
l. move in day; r. a new working machine.


laundry cupboard

It’s so hard to get a good photo as the cupboard is inside our bathroom and there’s no natural light.


- Installed simple bracket shelving on the back wall, deliberately leaving room below for the  washing basket & iron (+ironing when there is any)
– Added a small Ikea picture shelf on another wall after realising that it’s the ideal width for toiletry bottles etc.

Shelf 1: The toilet roll stockpile!
Shelf 2: Washing powder, castille soap & and a basket for miscellaneous items (toothpaste, toothbrushes, tissue packets etc)

I still want to paint the walls, but that’s another job just about completed! :)