03. 02. 2015

Hi all! Here’s the breakdown of our spending for January.

January Round-Up

Apartment costs:
Electricity was higher than usual – it’s been colder, and we had the heating on a lot more over the holiday period.  We also made our last council tax payment for a couple of months, and paid the bi-annual maintenance charges for our apartment.

Variable costs:
I nearly made grocery budget – going over by £1.71. I spent a lot on hair and beauty this month – I got my hair coloured for the first time, and I stockpiled body butter and moisturiser. Body Shop had an offer on and I purchased 4 coconut Body Butters for £6.75 each – a lot cheaper than the regular £13 per pot. My supply should last me all year.

I also filled the car up with petrol at the very end of the month and so we might not have to buy any fuel in February.

2015 Financial Goals progress:

It’s early days but here’s how I’m doing so far.

1. The sum of invested assets at 25% of goal by December 2016. At the end of January progress is at 11.3%

2. Spend no more than £2,520 on grocery & household in 2015. £211.71/£2,520

3. Track every penny spent in 2015. So far so good :)

How did you do in January?



31. 12. 2014

My goal for December was to get back to budgeting basics after losing track of everything in November…….and I’m happy to report goal achieved. My neglected spending diary (which is a basic excel sheet), was filled in daily, and the results were posted here weekly. Yay! Now if I just keep that up throughout 2015!

Plans for our budget in 2015:

The ‘updated for 2015′ version of our monthly budget can be found here on the Managing Our Budget page of this site. This is the budget we’ll be working to every month, and then I’ll report how we did against it throughout the year.

December Round-Up:


Most of these figures are pretty self-explanatory. We went way over on grocery (again), and I used up all my supermarket points too (!!). Electricity was higher than usual, but we did have family staying for part of the month. The wallpaper I purchased last week was £17.55, not £17 as reported on my spending report. A small difference, but I like things right lol. Also we were due to pay our half-yearly apartment charges, but they were delayed until January.

How did you do to budget in December?

I’ll perhaps be around tomorrow but if I’m not, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support this year. In many ways, despite all the good things that have happened, it’s been a tough year for me personally, and I’m looking forward to the fresh start January 1st brings. Having said that I/we have it a lot, lot better than many – Sue puts it a lot better than I ever could in this post – and I feel very, very grateful for that. I wish you health and happiness in 2015 ♥



05. 12. 2014

november budget

I lost track of my spending a little in November, although I did manage to round-up some figures.

Electricity: We spent £43.44 on our energy supply in November which is only slight down (£2.43) on October’s spending. With us being away for ten days, I expected it to be a lot lower.  I know I did a lot of extra washing this month – mattress covers etc – and we also had the heating on a little, so this perhaps explains the cost.

Mobile: I didn’t occur any extra charges despite having my phone on the whole time in the US! Result! Thank you free hotel wi-fi!

Travel: Yay for staying in budget on our trip!

Grocery: Despite hoping to stick to a £180 budget for November I spent between £220 and £230. I was doing ok and then I went shopping last Thursday! I went a little over board as we had guests arriving.

Saving: Thankfully these payments are automatic and went ahead as planned. The amounts are quite low at the moment, but they’re jumping up a lot in January (to build our investments), and so messing up our budget will not be an option in 2015!

Ok that’s it for today, I’m off to do my grocery shopping (with a list that I’m sticking to!) and then I’ll be back Sunday with a spending report. Have a great weekend ♥



photo: Liberty of London window