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I like making lists, and this one is by far my favourite.TRAVEL BUCKET LIST

I’ve had a life/travel list for what seems like ages. But just lately the wanderlust in me seems to be increasing.

At the moment I’m blaming it on my fast approaching 50th birthday (Milestone birthdays have a big effect on me – when I hit forty, I changed the way I was living practically overnight), so we shall see how this pans out. I’m not expecting that I’ll want to sell the house and backpack the world, but I might do something big and outside of my comfort zone.


+ See The Grand Canyon, Arizona
+ See Niagara Falls
+ Visit The Amalfi Coast
+ Go to Amsterdam
+ Go to Porto, Portugal
+ Go to Las Vegas
+ Go to San Francisco and see The Golden Gate
+ Go to Los Angeles
+ Go to Florence, Italy
+ Go to Seattle and visit The Space Needle
+ Go on an extended trip to New York (30 days)
+ Live in Portugal for an extended time
+ Take M on a surprise trip

Do you have a Travel Bucket List?
What place are you most looking forward to visiting?

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2013 Financial Goals (Update #12)

I’m wrapping up our 2013 goals in order to clear the decks for our 2014 budget!

Financial Goals for 2013: (Goals updated in August)

  1. Reduce our mortgage balance to less than £72,000 The final balance on our mortgage for 2013 is £73,500. Our original goal was to reduce our balance by £25,000 – we managed £11,450. Way off goal, but still progress :)
  2. Complete and pay for all house repairs - Approximate cost £4,000. All done and goal completed, although we’ve spent £8k+ this year.
  3. Spend no more than £2,500 (originally £2,000) on groceries – 2013 Total: £2,614.34/£2,500 a monthly average of £217.86


Ongoing Net Worth GoalIncrease NW to £125K in 2013 



We sneaked in!

We don’t include pension savings in our NW as we both have (now frozen) Final Salary Pensions. However following a recent pension change, we now have online access to my husbands (new) scheme and will be including this in our NW going forward.

2012-2013 increase: £14,539


Overall it’s been a very good year for our finances and we’re very grateful. Thank you for your continued support xoxo

2014 Financial Goal: Reduce our mortgage by £15,500

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Things have changes a little this year and in August we made a few changes to our 2013 goals.

New Financial Goals for 2013:

  1. Reduce our mortgage balance to less than £72,000 – Our mortgage balance is now down to £74,700 and we’re creeping ever closer to the 50% milestone. Yay! We’re super happy to have paid off £10,250 in 2013.
  2. Complete and pay for all house repairs – Approximate cost £4,000. Ongoing! All repairs should be finished and paid for by the end of September…fingers crossed. All done, goal completed!
  3. Spend no more than £2,500 on groceries – I spent £287.10 in September! I did quite a bit of stockpiling and sent my son back to university with a lot of staples.  I have £300.98 left for the next two months, quite doable with just the two of us at home. 2013 Totals: £2,199.02/£2,500.

October Net Worth: (£434.58)

Net Worth

We keep getting very close to our 2013 Net Worth goal of £125k……and then moving backwards. I’m sure the latest house repairs/updates have increased the value of our house – we’ve added a new entryway – but for now we haven’t made any changes to its worth on our spreadsheets. Perhaps we should get a current market valuation done.

Further reading: Financial Freedom Goals

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