28. 10. 2011

I’m thinking of changing the way I report our budget every month.  All year I’ve posted a spreadsheet and I’m wondering if you’re all bored with it?!  I know I am (a little).
   Lots of the information on it, especially the essential household expenses, stays the same from month to month.  Going forward I’m thinking of having a budget page listing the essentials, and then every month only report the changes, with our spending/saving. What do you think?  Do you like to see spreadsheets or do you prefer just the monthly highlights?  I’d love to hear which way you prefer it  :)

October budget highlights:

Overall this was a good month. We didn’t add any money to the moving abroad fund, but we did move the mortgage a little further towards 5 figures.

Let me know, how did your budget turn out in October?

* What’s that you say sweetheart? Mummy can stay whenever she likes?! Ha! You’re such a good daughter! ;)

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