19. 01. 2015

What we’re eating on our simple menu plan this week:

menu plan monday

+ Monday: Sausages, New Potatoes & Steamed Broccoli
+ Tuesday: Chicken Curry (freezer leftovers), Rice & Naan
+ Wednesday: Mushroom Omelets, New Potatoes & Salad
+ Thursday: Chicken Taco Bowls (Slow Cooker)
+ Friday: Leftovers ^ on Nachos
+ Saturday: Out for the day
+ Sunday: Pan Fried Fish + Veggies

Breakfasts: Bran flakes, Bagels or Toast. Lunches (for me only): Tuna/Egg Salad or a Smoothie

What’s on your menu this week?

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17. 01. 2015

In 2015 my goal is to keep our grocery spending under £2,520 – an average of £210 a month. Our grocery budget includes just about everything household too. The only thing I don’t include are water filters – they get their own budget line. I do most of my grocery shopping at our local supermarket, and then buy household & toiletry items at Wilkinson’s or Savers. I’m lucky to get a 5% discount at my local supermarket, I just have to shop with a gift card. Loading the gift card with £200 at the start of every month costs us £190. I then have £20 cash (rest of my budget) to spend if I need to in the other stores.

Purchased this week:

Grocery Haul

I popped into another store to get 4 x cans of chopped tomatoes for £2 (hiding under the spinach^) The bagels (10 for £2.50) all get cut in half and then frozen. Hat tip to Sue for that money-saving idea :)

Grocery Haul

The pasta was on offer at a £1 – I like to keep one on the fridge as it makes for a quick and simple dinner if time is short. The Quiche also get cut into pieces before freezing as we only eat one half at a meal. The mayo is for my store cupboard as it was on offer for £2 (600g jar).

I also went to Savers and purchased toothpaste (x 5), shampoo and razors. I’m trying to get really organised with my toiletry/household stockpile this year and will be trying to take advantage of the offers this store has.

January Grocery Budget Totals

Spending to date: £154.44/£210.00 –  £55.56 left in the budget.

Let me know if you’re interested in seeing screenshots of my stockpile (& price book) spreadsheets. I’ve mentioned them on here before, but I’ve been hesitant to show them as they’re quite specific to the items we purchase.




14. 01. 2015

Over the coming weeks I plan to share with you how we use the storage in our small apartment. I hope to show you everything (even the less than pretty things like this wardrobe).

The Storage Wardrobe:
When we moved in back in July practically the first thing we did was purchase two wardrobes from Ikea. One of the wardrobes is used for clothing, and the other for travel and golf paraphernalia* (+ extra coats). Over the last few months the latter had become a dumping ground for anything and everything, and so last weekend I reorganised it.

I removed, among other things, shoes, a small TV and 15 wooden hangers. Clearing this stuff out also gave me the added bonus of room in the wardrobe for our Christmas decorations! Woo! These were previously kept under our bed and I’m trying to avoid putting things under there as much as possible. Of course I still have the de-cluttered items to deal with, but at least the wardrobe is sorted.

Organise a Storage Wardrobe

(I’m yet to decide if this ^ is too much luggage – we use it all, so perhaps not?!)

travel items

Inside the large suitcase on the shelf is a cabin case full of our travel items – wash bags, packing cubes, money belt, beach wear etc. Keeping it all in one place makes everything a lot simpler when it comes to packing.

*I should mention that when we were considering moving to a small apartment (with no storage), the ‘where shall we store your golf clubs?’ question came up a lot. Haha! At least we found somewhere! ;)