Around the home

Hello! I think it’s safe to say the whole house moving thing caught up with me this weekend and I had to take a little time out. Boy did I feel whacked! Anyway I feel normal again this morning and eager to get on with everything that needs doing around here………mainly house updates and money-saving :)

First up the laundry room cupboard!

One of the first things we did last week was remove the broken washer dryer and replace it with a new one. We’d asked the seller to remove the appliance, but of course he didn’t!

I wasn’t sure about getting a washer dryer, but purchased one just in case we need it during the winter months. I don’t want to use the dryer function if I can help it, so we’ll see how it goes.

laundry room

Before and after (so far)

Over the coming weeks we plan to add shelving above the machine for laundry items (of course) and a mini stockpile – loo rolls, toothpaste etc.

Window handles.

We had two handles to repair. The one pictured below, that fell off when I closed it last week, and another that wasn’t locking correctly. We wanted to fix them pretty quickly as ventilation is so important in such a small place.

window handles
I had no idea you could replace these yourself, but after a little research I realised how easy it was. I bought a two pack of Yale standard handles from Homebase for £13.99 (they may be cheaper elsewhere but it’s the only one store I could walk to) and hey presto, working, locking windows!

Water & Electricity

This apartment comes with a water meter and a pay as you go electricity meter. I’m pleased about the water meter as this should save us money in the long run (they’ve estimated our bill at £23 a month, half the price of our old house), but the electricity will be getting changed as soon as possible as it’s more expensive to pay this way. We can’t get it changed just yet though as they have to see how we run the account first. This is despite us being with this company for about five years (with no problems) previously. One good thing about it is seeing how much electricity (in pounds) you use everyday – it’s slightly obsessive though!

I think that may be it for this slightly random post. I’m off to do a freezer inventory and make a meal plan for the rest of the month as I’ve been slightly slacking in this area!



Kitchen Tour (New Apartment)

It needs updating, but this is what the kitchen looks like right now. It’s actually bigger than my old kitchen, so at least there’s plenty of  room for everything, even the mug collection.

kitchen window view

I opened the oven door on move in day and the handle fell off!

oven view kitchen

The ikea cart is in the dishwasher space and contains my make shift recycling station.

Fridge Kitchen

This side of the kitchen is home to our new fridge freezer and the coffee machine Mum bought us as a house-warming gift. I’m not sure how I feel about the coffee it makes, so it may not be staying.

We have plans to change parts of the kitchen in the future, but right now, even without a working oven, it’s not a priority. The leaking shower however is!


Grocery Haul #19

I looked back through my blog and my last Grocery Haul post was back in June…….that’ll explain the £378.11 spent in July then!! Of course we were mid move and buying food for my Mum, but it just shows you how much this blog keeps me accountable!

Anyway let’s move on! It’s a new month with a new budget.

Our new monthly grocery budget is £216. I know there’s a lot of debate about how much you should be spending on grocery, but this amount feels about right for our family as we attempt to reduce our reliance on supermarkets for food.

Purchased this week: Farm shop (mainly local food)

local food

This farm shop sells cakes that will blow my budget if I’m not careful!


supermarket haul

I spent £15.15 at the Farm Shop and £37.34 at the supermarket. A total of £52.49. To compare a few prices the mushrooms were slightly more expensive at the farm, £3.50kg compared to £3.33kg, but the huge bag of spinach was much cheaper. It’ll be interesting to see how the month pans out.

August Grocery Budget: £52.49/£216.00