28. 08. 2014

I shared my plans for the laundry cupboard a couple of weeks ago, but here’s another small room that I’m hoping to tackle over the coming weeks.

En-Suite Bathroom:

We don’t plan on doing too much in this room, all it really needs is a little brightening up.

en-suite bathroom


- The blue border tile is really not my taste, but it’s staying as we’re working on a £200 budget for this room – I’m expecting most of that to go on the fixtures and fittings.
- The walls look yellow in this photo because of how dark the room is – they’re actually cream – so I’m going to use a bright white paint to lighten them up.
- The flooring may have to wait until the master bathroom is completed as I might use the same in both.

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26. 08. 2014

July and August have been very expensive months – we moved home and booked a big holiday for 2015 - and so we must get back to our regular budgeting ways in September.

I haven’t quite got a handle on our new expenses, but this is what I think they will look like.

Fixed Expenses & Cash Envelopes:

fixed expenses

Our Council Tax payment is higher than usual because of the way they take the payments. I’m also estimating the electricity cost. The first 4 weeks in our new place cost us £40, but I wasn’t using a washing machine for some of that time.

Further expenses (from sinking funds):

Financial Goals for September:

I think that’s it for our September budget, all we have to do now is stick to it!





25. 08. 2014

Hello! Well I sort of dropped off the map for a while there. I got sick not long after posting on Monday, and then lost most of the week to it!

Our menu plan for the week.

Menu Plan:

Menu Plan 17

M has the week off work (yay) and we’re going in to London for 24 hours (the hotel night is free as we’re using Reward points), but apart from that it’s a normal week.

Pantry/Store Cupboard?

One of the big differences between living in this apartment and our old house, is the lack of a pantry cupboard. I’m happy to reduce most of what we own, but it feels strange not having a small stockpile of food…..even if it’s just canned goods. So I’m thinking that this will be something that I work on during September.

Kitchen cupboards

This ^ is our current food storage situation – two small cupboards. I’d like to at least double this space if possible, which means that it’s time to take a look at the ‘stuff’ in my kitchen and see what can be moved around or passed on.

What’s on your menu this week?

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