Grocery Haul #31

Our first grocery shop of March.As usual my budget for the month is £210 – this includes grocery and household items.

I went to another different store (back to my regular store this Friday as I have a £5 off coupon), and spent £39.91.

Here’s what I purchased.

grocery haul 31
grocery haulReceipt breakdown:
Mustard £1.00
Apple Sauce £0.90
Seafood Sauce £0.99
Baked Beans x 4 £1.20
Branflakes £1.46
Potatoes (Tin) £0.45
Personal Items £2.97
Kitchen Towels x 2 £2.00
Crisps £1.00
Milk £1.00
Fruit Yogurt x 2 £2.00
Butter £1.57
Soured Cream £0.85
Free Range Eggs x 12 £1.94
Back Bacon x 2 £4.64
Cooked Prawns £3.64
Turkey Breast (Deli) £1.95
Bagels x 10 £2.50
Sub Rolls £0.60
Wholemeal Rolls £0.90
Grapes £2.00
Cauliflower & Broccoli £1.25
Bananas £0.44
Mushrooms £0.51
Cos Lettuce £1.29
Cherry Tomatoes £0.86

I need to update my food inventory – especially the freezer one as I have no idea what’s left in there – and then I’ll be back with a menu plan for the week.

March Grocery Budget 

Spending to date: £39.91/£210.00

Back later with a menu plan!



Clothing purchases

I recently purchased two additional items to add to my minimalist wardrobe.

I have a clothing budget for 2015 – £330 – which may seem a lot, or not very much at all. I don’t know!? I also received half as much money again for my birthday, and so now I feel quite loaded! Anyway I may or may not spend all of this money. I do need a pair of boots, and a few summer clothes, but apart from that my wish list is quite short.

Onto my recent purchases.

Feb clothing purchases

I bought a pair of MK flats, in navy, and a grey cashmere jumper. The shoes, which have more ‘bling’ than my usual choice, fit like a glove and look lovely with jeans. They cost £59.23. The jumper, reduced from $160 in Lord & Taylor (approx £106), was £34.32. Both items fit perfectly in with all the other clothing in my fairly minimalist wardrobe.

What about you, have you made any clothing purchases lately?



New York (February 2015)

Earlier in the month we were very lucky to be able to spend another few days in New York. It was very cold (and snowy), but we still had a lot of fun.

Here are a few photos from the trip.

Chelsea New York

Empire State Building from the Chelsea Area

Washing Square Park

A snowy Washington Square Park

Washington Sq Park

One World Trade Center from Washington Square Park

Our trip was over five nights and as usual we set the budget at $100 a day. We ended up only spending £352.60, mainly on food and transport, but I did spend £93.55 on two items for my wardrobe and £35.37 on items for the house. I’ll share the clothing (a jumper and a pair of shoes) tomorrow.