New York (February 2015)

Earlier in the month we were very lucky to be able to spend another few days in New York. It was very cold (and snowy), but we still had a lot of fun.

Here are a few photos from the trip.

Chelsea New York

Empire State Building from the Chelsea Area

Washing Square Park

A snowy Washington Square Park

Washington Sq Park

One World Trade Center from Washington Square Park

Our trip was over five nights and as usual we set the budget at $100 a day. We ended up only spending £352.60, mainly on food and transport, but I did spend £93.55 on two items for my wardrobe and £35.37 on items for the house. I’ll share the clothing (a jumper and a pair of shoes) tomorrow.



Grocery Haul #30

A mini grocery haul today. This will be my last spending on grocery in February and so I’m finishing up the budget for that today.

grocery haul

I visited Asda, which is not my local store, but I happened to be close by, so popped in as I knew the coffee was on offer.

Receipt breakdown: £31.92

– £24.00 Coffee (12 tins – usually £4 each)
– £0.75 Bread Rolls
– £2.00 Chocolate Biscuits a 2 packs (a treat for M!)
– £2.00 Organic Sweetcorn x 4 (usually  £0.74 each)
– £2.17 BBQ Sauce
– £1.00 Branston Pickle

My total grocery spending for February is £204.61, under budget by £5.39. We were away for six days this month and this enabled me to build up our mini stockpile, and still keep to budget. The freezer and cupboards are very well stocked at the moment.  Eventually I’d like to get to the point where everything I buy for our store cupboard is on offer. I haven’t quite got there yet, but I’m hoping to this year.



Apartment Update: Bedrooms & En-Suite

Hi Guys! Sorry I was a little quiet last week, but I’ve been busy decorating. We’re just waiting on the carpet and en-suite shower room vinyl flooring (to be fitted on Thursday) and the rooms will be just about complete.

Here’s a sneak peek of our second bedroom and en-suite.

En-Suite Before photo here – it looks so much brighter now.


All the walls are painted in Dulux White Cotton and the ceilings in Dulux White. If I’m honest I can’t tell the difference ;) The wallpaper on my desk wall is from Graham & Brown.

Second Bedroom

More photos to come when it’s all done!