Managing my budget and learning to live on less helped me to pay off a considerable amount of consumer debt. Now that it’s gone, my husband and I are attacking the mortgage. Our mortgage is not due to finish until 2031, but we would love to have it paid off by the end of 2017, fourteen years early!

To help us do that we (try to) limit our household expenditure to less than 50% of our net income.


Every month I start with our basic essential costs and then add in any other expected costs – after that everything else (we allocate every penny), goes towards our future financial freedom.


Personal checking | Joint checking | Personal checking
Personal E-saver | Personal E-saver
Gift, Travel and Mini E-Fund
Emergency Fund (ISA’s)


  • We each have a personal checking account, but use the joint checking for all our household expenditure.
  • We both have a personal e-saver attached to our personal checking accounts – I use mine as a clothing fund.
  • The gift, travel and mini e-fund is attached to the joint checking (to provide easy access)
  • Our long-term Emergency Fund’s are kept in tax free ISA’s
  • From the checking account we pay the bills and fund our online savings accounts…….mainly with automatic payments.
  • All our automatic bill payments (Direct Debits) are set to be paid between the 25th and 1st of every month and are, where possible, the paper free kind.
  • Grocery is paid for on a cash back credit card, which is then paid in full every month


I hope that this covers everything, however if you have any questions at all then please ask me either in the comments or by email nomorespending (at) gmail (dot) com