Financial Freedom


  • Pay off all consumer debt - achieved 2009
  • Fully fund a one year emergency fund - achieved 2010
  • Increase Net Worth to £100k achieved April 2012
  • Reduce household costs to less than 50% of net income – achieved
  • Increase Net Worth to £135k £125K (2013) - achieved Dec 2013
  • Pay off UK mortgage (2017)
  • Achieve Financial Freedom by 2023 <—– what we’re shooting for right now!
  • Achieve Financial Independence by 2030 2025

Every month I track our Net Worth as it helps us to stay focused (and I like tracking things!)

What our Net Worth includes:

  • Emergency cash fund (ISA)
  • Vantage Stocks and Shares Fund (ISA)
  • NS&I Certificate Income Bond
  • SIPP (Me)
  • Pension fund (Husband)
  • Home equity

What our Net Worth doesn’t include:

  • Jewelry
  • Cars
  • Deferred pension funds


  • Please keep in mind that everyone has different personal circumstances/finances.
  • I started to plan my financial future very late in the day (apart from company pension contributions)
  • We don’t expect to retire with a million pound investment portfolio :)