03. 09. 2014


Financial Goals:
– Save £100 in gift fund
– Save £185 for annual expenses
– Stick to our grocery budget (but still increase our stockpile)
– Save £x funds towards bath/shower replacement
– Earn at least £100 above and beyond our regular income

Personal Goals:
– (Stop putting it off and) book an eye test!
– Get out walking. 15 miles+
– Finish painting the En-Suite Bathroom and Laundry Cupboard
– Book train tickets to London x 4 (at a good rate!). We’re going on a day trip with my in-laws at the end of November and then catching Eurostar to Paris in December for our wedding anniversary.
– Read Smarter Investing by Tim Hale

Have you set mini goals for September?



photo credit: Anirudh Koul via photopin cc

07. 05. 2014

Portugal Trip Round-Up

This holiday was our own version of Slow Travel. We didn’t make a lot of plans, and it worked out quite nicely! We rented an apartment in the heart of Cascais (Lisbon coast), and used the bus or the train to get around….although we only spent two days on the road. Our trip was basically walking & the beach + days out in Sintra and Lisbon.

Travelling from the airport to the resort of Cascais used to require car hire or a taxi, but now you can take the subway + train – although 6.30am on a Sunday morning is to be avoided if you want to avoid the party people going home ;)

Lisbon Street

Lisbon Street

Lisbon Street Tile

Lisbon Street Tile

 BUDGET/ACTUAL: £1,000/£871.70

– €390/£325.00 Apartment
– £164.00 Return Flights
– £28.00 Airport Parking

Booking Total: £517.00

– €48.00/£40.00 Transport
– €40.92/£34.10 Grocery
– €291.05/£242.54 Eating Out!
– €29.97/£24.98 Home
– €2.50/£2.08 Gift
– £11.00 Airport (Starbucks)

Spending Total: €412.44/£343.70 + £11.00 = £354.70

I’m so pleased to come in under budget!

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01. 05. 2014

To try to stay on budget (£450/Euros 550), I’m tracking my spending on holiday just like I do when I’m at home.


Sintra National Palace

Spending Tuesday: 92.18
– 26.40 Bus Fares
– 2.50 Gift
– 4.08 Grocery
– 59.20 Eating Out

On Tuesday we went to Sintra for a few hours. Sintra is about 60 minutes from Cascais on the 403 bus. It’s a hop on hop off bus which is great if you like hilly roads, and don’t mind big drops. The views on the journey are worth it though. On the way the bus stops at Cabo Du Rocha – the westernmost point of Continental Europe.

Sintra is a beautiful (World Heritage Site) town, and definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in this part of Portugal.

Spending Wednesday: 32.15
– 32.15 Eating Out!

Wednesday was a beach day!

Spending Thursday: 91.41
– 11.44 Grocery
– 29.97 Zara Home (oops!)
– 12.70 Trains (paid for airport train trip too)
– 37.30 Eating Out

On Thursday we went into Lisbon. We walked around a.lot. before this cushion started speaking to me in Zara Home. ‘Buy me’ it said – so I did, despite having no spare room in my carry on. Someone will be squashing her suitcase down on Sunday! ;)

Spending Totals so far: 312.46 Euros (approx £260) & £11.00. Still on budget! Yay!