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Pantry contents…..not in the pantry!

I haven’t  been grocery shopping this week as I didn’t feel like adding any extra items to our ‘work in progress’ pantry.

Yesterday, seven months after the pantry shelves were installed, I (finally) painted them! I also painted the kitchen, but it’s the shelves I’m most excited for!

Of course to paint them I had to take everything out of the cupboard – its times like this when I’m glad that our stockpile is relatively small!


Pantry Food Inventory + Stockpiling


As you can see from the updated spreadsheet* I’m considering increasing my basics stockpile a little. B is expected to be back living at home in a few weeks and I want to be prepared.

I haven’t really thought about how I’m going to work building our stockpile into our budget yet, so more to come on that soon!

*I spotted a few missed items! Tuna (which I stopped buying because of how expensive it became), sugar, mayo, tortilla chips… ongoing list as they’ll probably be more to add.

Question for my lovely readers: Do you store bottled water? I hate buying water in plastic bottles, but being without water for a short while is something that could easily happen. Do you keep any on hand just in case? :)

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Happy Holidays!

ChalkboardGood morning! If you celebrate it, then I hope that you had a safe and peaceful Christmas. We spent Christmas Day at home with the children (and partners), and then traveled to spend the day with other family members yesterday. This morning I feel very grateful.

I’ll be spending the next few days, cleaning the house, using up all the leftovers and generally getting ready for 2014.

New Year is my favourite time of the year and I can’t wait to keep up the attack on our financial goals.

Back tomorrow with a budget for January.

<— My daughter and the chalkboard ♥

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State of the Blog

Hello! Today I’d originally planned to talk about goals and such, after all it’s getting towards that time of the year, but instead I thought it might be a good idea if I reflected a little on this year and did a little blog housekeeping.

If you read this site on a bookmark (and not through a reader service) you’ll know that the template has changed a thousand times this year. Annoying I know, I’m sorry. I’m in the middle of fixing a few issues and tidying everything up, but the template will not be changing again.Thank you for sticking you me.

The template changes have been a reflection of exactly how I’ve felt all year – which is very unsettled! And being unsettled has filtered through into all aspects of my life including blogging (both here (which is mainly a site about our finances) and over at Move to Portugal (which is more about my daily life). I even considered shutting down one site, but I’ve been too indecisive to choose which one – lol!

Anyway. My Dad is doing a lot better (the reason I’ve been unsettled), and 2014 is on its way. What’s not to love about the start of a New Year. It’s the perfect time to re-energize your focus.

Here’s to a fantastic debt kicking/net worth building 2014 for all of us :)

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