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A New Budget for April 2014

Due to all the changes taking place around here (+ my son deciding to come home for three weeks over the Easter period), a new April budget seemed like a good idea.

The original budget included a mortgage over payment, which has been cancelled for now, and a lower food budget.

New April Budget:

2014 April Budget


  • House Repairs. We had some minor repairs fixed before putting the house on he market
  • Gifts & Wedding Expenses. We have a family wedding and birthday celebration this month
  • Travel. This is money to exchange for Euros (we have some already), as we’re going to Portugal this month
  • Moving expenses. This is to save towards future expenses + pay for the Energy Performance Certificate (a requirement for house selling)
  • Grocery. This amount is up because B gave me some money towards the grocery bill.

I decided against making any new goals for this month – just staying within budget limits will be enough I think :)

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Monthly Budget Round-Up: March 2014

Our monthly budget round-up!


House Insurance: I researched (and researched) for a house insurance quote and in the end stayed with they same provider after they gave us a lower deal than last year. We have a joint buildings and contents policy but most of the cost is made up of the buildings part.

Grocery spending: Under budget! Yay!

Miscellaneous Spending: This figure is deceiving because we also used a lot of our sinking fund money to pay for travel plans, clothing and house repairs.

Freedom + Saving: Amount down because of ^^

Extra Income: £313.68 which really helped with ^^

Gas & Electric: The heating is officially off and after all the winter months our energy bill is at (£27.00). Woo! This means we’ve finally in control of the bill and may be able to lower our monthly payment very soon..which we might be doing anyway as I have big news on the house front (coming soon!)

Planned vs. Actual:

March Budget Round Up
Miscellaneous Spending:

Misc Spending

I’ve probably missed something on this chart as the books aren’t balancing, but I’ve given up trying to find it – sometimes you just have to! :)

March Financial Goals:

  • Achieve a 63%+ post-tax savings rate (we include mortgage payments against the principle in this) PASS!
  • Get a great deal on Buildings and Contents insurance! PASS!

How was your budget this month?

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Our Budget: April 2014

April sees the return of the monthly Council Tax and Water payments. The annual bills for both of these payments went up compared to last year, but only slightly. (For non UK readers you can spread the annual charge over ten monthly payments (April -January inc.) without incurring any extra cost.)

Regular readers will notice that I’ve reduced our grocery spending slightly this month. We’re away from home a little this month, on holiday + away for a family wedding, and so I should be able to keep our grocery spending quite low. The wiggle room in the £190 will allow me to build our stockpile a little more.

We’re setting aside quite a bit of money for gifts this month as most of our extended family seem to have been born in April and May! :)

April income allocation.

April Budget

April Financial Goals:

  • Achieve a 50% savings rate (we include mortgage payments against the principle in this figure)
  • Stay within grocery spending limit of £190

Ok that’s it for today!

Are you setting any financial goals in April?

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