05. 12. 2014

november budget

I lost track of my spending a little in November, although I did manage to round-up some figures.

Electricity: We spent £43.44 on our energy supply in November which is only slight down (£2.43) on October’s spending. With us being away for ten days, I expected it to be a lot lower.  I know I did a lot of extra washing this month – mattress covers etc – and we also had the heating on a little, so this perhaps explains the cost.

Mobile: I didn’t occur any extra charges despite having my phone on the whole time in the US! Result! Thank you free hotel wi-fi!

Travel: Yay for staying in budget on our trip!

Grocery: Despite hoping to stick to a £180 budget for November I spent between £220 and £230. I was doing ok and then I went shopping last Thursday! I went a little over board as we had guests arriving.

Saving: Thankfully these payments are automatic and went ahead as planned. The amounts are quite low at the moment, but they’re jumping up a lot in January (to build our investments), and so messing up our budget will not be an option in 2015!

Ok that’s it for today, I’m off to do my grocery shopping (with a list that I’m sticking to!) and then I’ll be back Sunday with a spending report. Have a great weekend ♥



photo: Liberty of London window

02. 12. 2014

Hi! The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity and I’ve been away from the Internet since last Wednesday as we had people staying. We did a few local activities but my highlight was a trip into London (on Saturday) to see the Christmas lights. As you can imagine it was extremely busy, but we had a wonderful time! 

Ok on to our budget for December. November’s budget/spending is all over the place and I lost track of everything. I’m ok using a cash budget at normal times, but when we have a lot going on (activities, holiday gift buying etc) everything seems to get in a mess. In hindsight I should have used a card for tracking purposes, but it’s too late now….so December will be a back to budgeting basics for me. Daily tracking, weekly spending reports and then a monthly budget round-up!

December Budget:

december budget


Mobile: I reduced the cost of my mobile plan from £15 a month to £10. I stayed with a SIM only plan (on an iPhone 4s), but reduced the data allowance to save £5 a month.

Grocery: I’ve increased the budget as we have a lot of visitors over the Holiday period.

Ground Rent & Maintenance: The biannual charge for our apartment building.

Ok I think that’s it for the last budget of the year. December’s goal: Track everything and stay withing budget limits!


About Laura: In 2014 my husband & I downsized our home to speed up our quest for Financial Freedom. We swapped our large three bed house, for a small (< 700 sq ft), two bed apartment to clear our mortgage and give us enough budget freedom to travel and still save for the future.



30. 10. 2014

Where the money went in October:

october budget

Notes on fixed expenses:
– The monthly council tax payment (£134) is higher than it will be for 2015 as we’re playing catch up after just moving in.
– The water bill has gone up from the original estimated £23 a month to £29.71 a month

Notes on other expenses:
– Grocery spending was higher as we had extra visitors and overnight guests
– Electricity was down slightly on September – woop!
– I had a planned visit to the Dental Hygienist. Worth the money!
– Clothing was a new suit for M and two new items for me – black flats and a top
– House spending was shelving for the laundry room and a small blender (to make smoothies)
– Eating out was high as we spent a lot of time away from home
– Fuel makes an appearance (and will do so every month now due to work changes)
– Haircut (+tip) £38.60 My regular appointment – I go every ten weeks

All in all not too bad a month. We had a lot of unplanned expenses this month, outside of the numbers above, and having a cash emergency fund made things (financially) a lot easier. Thankfully. (Re) Funding our ef will be our financial priority for the next couple of months.

How did your October go? Did you stick to budget?