Menu Planning #15

As you know we’re staying with my Mum right now. Mum doesn’t do a lot of cooking and so to make things easier I’m doing all the grocery shopping and food preparation. Mum is happy about the kitchen takeover!

On our simple menu plan this week:

Mum's fridge

I took over the fridge too!

Monday: Pizza & Salad

Tuesday: Breaded Haddock Fillets with Salad & New Potatoes

Wednesday: Cheese & Onion Pasties, Mash and Baked Beans (Easy dinner!)

Thursday: Roast Chicken and Potatoes with Spinach & Broccoli

Friday:  Leftover chicken

Saturday: Sausages, Mash and Onion Gravy

Sunday: Breakfast for dinner

What’s on you menu this week?

Our Menu Plan + Grocery Haul #18

In preparation for our move I’m defrosting our freezer at the weekend. The buyers are keeping it, and I’ll be able to use it until we move out, but I didn’t want to leave it until the last-minute. Our menu plan should ensure an empty freezer by Sunday.

Before that though, here’s what I purchased this morning:


Shopping List: £31.85

  • £1.35 Microfibre Cloths
  • £2.70 Refuse Sacks (for our move)
  • £1.69 Toilet Roll (60p coupon used)
  • £4.50 Bacon x 2 packets (was £6.58 + £1.00 coupon used)
  • £4.00 Chicken (4 breasts)
  • £2.00 Cooked Ham
  • £2.00 Eggs x 6
  • £2.00 Milk  x 8 pints (as £3.68 + £1.00 Coupons used)
  • £0.60 Kettle Crisps (40p coupon used)
  • £0.40 Wheat Baguette
  • £0.80 Panini’s x 2
  • £1.30 Salad Leaves x 2
  • £0.69 Tomatoes x 6
  • £1.50 Apples x 6
  • £0.35 Cucumber
  • £0.26 Onions x 2
  • £5.71 Personal items and bits for Dad

Menu Plan:

- Monday: Leftover Bolognese + Pasta
- Tuesday: Pizza + Salad
- Wednesday: Chili & Rice
- Thursday: Chili Nachos
- Friday: Toasted Chicken Panini’s
- Saturday: Bacon & Egg Sandwiches
- Sunday: Curry & Naan Bread
- Monday: Southwest Chicken Skillet
- Tuesday: Leftover Chicken Skillet on Nachos



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Grocery Buying & Menu Planning

A glimpse at my current system for grocery buying and menu planning.  The system changes every month/week, but this is where I’m at right now as I commit (yet again!) to a healthier eating plan.

1: Check fridge contents on Wednesday’s to assess what we have and need to use up.
Fridge Contents

2: Check store cupboard contents and update freezer inventory (for the same reason).

3: Make a menu plan using what we have, and then make a grocery list for what we need.
Menu Plan + Grocery List

As you can see from the list above. Sometimes I make double the meal so that I have one to freeze. Other times I use something that is already made in the freezer. It’s all basic stuff, but I go off track with this so many times!

4: Buy groceries – sticking to the list!

Grocery Haul

Last weeks grocery

That’s it! So simple IF I stick to the system!

On another note I pretty much have a 2 weekly menu plan ready to share with you. The plan is to get in a food routine, which may seem boring, but we eat the same things all the time and so it makes sense for us.

Let me know. How do you plan your menu’s? Do you have a great system that you can share with us?