25. 08. 2014

Hello! Well I sort of dropped off the map for a while there. I got sick not long after posting on Monday, and then lost most of the week to it!

Our menu plan for the week.

Menu Plan:

Menu Plan 17

M has the week off work (yay) and we’re going in to London for 24 hours (the hotel night is free as we’re using Reward points), but apart from that it’s a normal week.

Pantry/Store Cupboard?

One of the big differences between living in this apartment and our old house, is the lack of a pantry cupboard. I’m happy to reduce most of what we own, but it feels strange not having a small stockpile of food…..even if it’s just canned goods. So I’m thinking that this will be something that I work on during September.

Kitchen cupboards

This ^ is our current food storage situation – two small cupboards. I’d like to at least double this space if possible, which means that it’s time to take a look at the ‘stuff’ in my kitchen and see what can be moved around or passed on.

What’s on your menu this week?

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15. 08. 2014

Purchased this week:


This week I spent £36.33.

Receipt Breakdown:
- £3.00 Pasta Sauce x 2
- £0.62 Baked Beans
- £0.93 Egg Noodles
- £1.59 Popcorn x 2
- £1.00 Milk
- £2.46 Yogurt x 2
- £1.00 Sour Cream
- £2.35 Eggs x 6
- £1.30 Croissants
- £7.50 Chicken (800g)
- £0.61 Bananas
- £0.85 Baking Potatoes
- £1.65 Mushrooms
- £0.19 Red Onion
- £0.69 Cucumber
- £1.19 Salad Leaves
- £2.00 Grapes
- £3.00 Apples
- £1.20 Wraps
- £3.20 Personal Items

This weekend I’m going to cook up all the chicken – there’s enough there to make us 6 meals (3 x curry/3 x fajitas) – and then Monday I’ll be back to menu planning as I’m all over the place without it!

August Grocery Budget: £88.82/£216.00


07. 08. 2014

I looked back through my blog and my last Grocery Haul post was back in June…….that’ll explain the £378.11 spent in July then!! Of course we were mid move and buying food for my Mum, but it just shows you how much this blog keeps me accountable!

Anyway let’s move on! It’s a new month with a new budget.

Our new monthly grocery budget is £216. I know there’s a lot of debate about how much you should be spending on grocery, but this amount feels about right for our family as we attempt to reduce our reliance on supermarkets for food.

Purchased this week: Farm shop (mainly local food)

local food

This farm shop sells cakes that will blow my budget if I’m not careful!


supermarket haul

I spent £15.15 at the Farm Shop and £37.34 at the supermarket. A total of £52.49. To compare a few prices the mushrooms were slightly more expensive at the farm, £3.50kg compared to £3.33kg, but the huge bag of spinach was much cheaper. It’ll be interesting to see how the month pans out.

August Grocery Budget: £52.49/£216.00