Grocery Haul #30

A mini grocery haul today. This will be my last spending on grocery in February and so I’m finishing up the budget for that today.

grocery haul

I visited Asda, which is not my local store, but I happened to be close by, so popped in as I knew the coffee was on offer.

Receipt breakdown: £31.92

– £24.00 Coffee (12 tins – usually £4 each)
– £0.75 Bread Rolls
– £2.00 Chocolate Biscuits a 2 packs (a treat for M!)
– £2.00 Organic Sweetcorn x 4 (usually  £0.74 each)
– £2.17 BBQ Sauce
– £1.00 Branston Pickle

My total grocery spending for February is £204.61, under budget by £5.39. We were away for six days this month and this enabled me to build up our mini stockpile, and still keep to budget. The freezer and cupboards are very well stocked at the moment.  Eventually I’d like to get to the point where everything I buy for our store cupboard is on offer. I haven’t quite got there yet, but I’m hoping to this year.



Grocery Haul #29

Good morning! Here are my supermarket purchases this week. I went to Aldi and Waitrose spending a combined total of £34.02.

aldi grocery haul

grocery haul

Receipt(s) breakdown:

– £5.38 Toilet Rolls (18)
– £1.99 Water x 12 bottles (not pictured)
– £1.59 Smoked Mackerel
– £2.59 Chicken Fillets (375g)
– £1.29 Gouda Slices
– £1.75 Cheddar (350g)
– £0.65 Greek Yoghurt
– £1.00 Milk
– £2.00 Fruit Yoghurt x 2
– £2.40 Eggs x 6
– £0.49 Panini Bread x 2
– £0.78 Hovis Wholemeal Bread
– £0.79 Bakewell Slices
– £1.38 Tortilla Chips x 3
– £0.49 Chili Powder
– £0.44 Broccoli
– £0.99 Mushrooms
– £0.44 Cucumber
– £0.49 Red Pepper
– £0.68 Bananas
– £1.89 Potatoes (2.5kg)
– £0.59 Onions
– £0.85 Babyleaf Salad Leaves
– £1.49 Black Grapes
– £1.59 Green Grapes

I didn’t need much in the way of meat this week, but I did buy two large packs of toilet roll and 12 bottles of water for the car. We keep some in there for emergencies (and for when M plays golf!).

My grocery spend for February is now at £106.46 with two Fridays still to go – I shop once a week on a Friday. I think I’m on track to stay within my £210 budget….let’s hope so anyway! :)



My Grocery Price Book

I’m a little late showing you this, but here is a screenshot of the simple excel sheet I use to track the price of the main grocery items I purchase.

Please note that we eat very simply. I don’t cook anything too complicated. Ever. And I don’t bake at all! :)

Price Book:

Price Book


I’m hoping the sheet is quite simple to understand, even though I forgot the column headers. Across the top, in every section, it should read: Product/Regular Price/Offer Price.

If you’ve seen my grocery hauls you’ll know that I buy a mixture of generic and named brand items, it just depends on the product. In general I’m aiming to buy every item when there’s an offer on – I check supermarket websites for price reductions – it doesn’t always work with the weekly items, but I still try.

There may be a few rarely used products missing, but in general these are all the (grocery) items that I buy.

I have a similar sheet for household and toiletry items.

Ok I think that’s it. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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