Summer 2014 To-Do List

Summer To-Do List

Rather than set a few mini goals for July (& August) I thought a to-do list would be simpler. Tasks, not goal’s, is the theme for the next two months!

Summer To-Do:

  • Book a storage facility
  • Book van hire x 2
  • Successfully move all of our belongings into storage
  • Successfully move all of our belongings into new apartment
  • Book airport parking (at a discount) for November’s trip
  • Change the address on EVERYTHING – the list seems endless!
  • Cancel garden bin collection
  • Take 3 items of furniture to daughters house
  • Get our post redirected
  • Clean our current house from top to bottom
  • Take a mini trip to London
  • Research first and then buy a new fridge freezer & washing machine
  • Register with a new doctor and dentist
  • Assist Dad with his (new) kitchen install
  • Claim for lost Ebay parcel (!!)
  • Move (house and my body!)
  • Read the meters
  • Write a new apartment to-do list
  • Set budget for to-do list ^

This is more of a ‘Moving House To-Do List’, but having it here on the blog will help me to stay organised!



May 2014 Mini Goals

Monthly goal setting used to be a habit for me, but for some reason this year I’ve been very inconsistent with it. It’s probably got something to do with shutting down Move to Portugal, where I would always post my monthly mini goals, and then making the decision to sell our house – selling up changes nearly all of our long-term financial goals.

May Mini Goals

The Castle of the Moors, Sintra, Portugal

Things are changing (all good I might add), but we still have a long way to go to secure our financial future and I don’t want to take my foot off the gas. Setting goals, long-term and/or short-term, leads to progress, and so I need to get back to setting them……..consistently!

As a side note I also need to revisit my annual goals as they seem to have gone by the wayside in the last few weeks!

May Mini Goals:


  • Lose at least 4lbs
  • Finish reading Life After Life
  • Fully finish all my de-cluttering
  • Do a car boot sale


  • Find somewhere to live (within budget!)
  • Spend no more than £200 on grocery
  • Make an extra £150 in extra income

Ok that’s it! Do you set monthly goals?

2013 Financial Goals (Update #12)

I’m wrapping up our 2013 goals in order to clear the decks for our 2014 budget!

Financial Goals for 2013: (Goals updated in August)

  1. Reduce our mortgage balance to less than £72,000 The final balance on our mortgage for 2013 is £73,500. Our original goal was to reduce our balance by £25,000 – we managed £11,450. Way off goal, but still progress :)
  2. Complete and pay for all house repairs - Approximate cost £4,000. All done and goal completed, although we’ve spent £8k+ this year.
  3. Spend no more than £2,500 (originally £2,000) on groceries – 2013 Total: £2,614.34/£2,500 a monthly average of £217.86


Ongoing Net Worth GoalIncrease NW to £125K in 2013 



We sneaked in!

We don’t include pension savings in our NW as we both have (now frozen) Final Salary Pensions. However following a recent pension change, we now have online access to my husbands (new) scheme and will be including this in our NW going forward.

2012-2013 increase: £14,539


Overall it’s been a very good year for our finances and we’re very grateful. Thank you for your continued support xoxo

2014 Financial Goal: Reduce our mortgage by £15,500