21. 01. 2015


I’ve only set three financial goals for 2015. One of them is technically a two-year goal, as you can see, but it’s still something we’re very much working towards in 2015, and so I’ve included it.

1. The sum of invested assets at 25% of goal by December 2016. Achieving this goal requires a minimum net income savings rate of 50% for the next two years.

2. Spend no more than £2,520 on grocery & household in 2015. Me versus the grocery budget…again!

3. Track every penny spent in 2015. I’m fairly good at tracking our spending, but I’m not sure that I’ve ever kept a full record for a whole year.

That’s it! Nice and simple. Now we just have to achieve them :)

What financial goals do you have for 2015?


18. 07. 2014

You guys are probably sick of reading about our house move by now. I know I’m fed up writing about it! All I want to do right now is get going on the fun part – the decorating. But I have to wait, hopefully just one more week.

Anyway. Financial Freedom and Focus!

Over the last few days/weeks M and I have had a lot of discussions about the future, and where we go from here financially now that the mortgage is gone. We know that our goal timescale for Financial Freedom is ten years, but we’re slightly undecided of the exact financial path we’ll take during those ten years. However for the now we have to have something to work towards and focus on, which means having a set of written down goals. A plan. It’s the only way we can stay focused.

And here’s what we’ve come up with so far. Of course we’ll need to break it down a little every year, but this is exactly what we need to re-focus.


To help us on our way I’ve done a lot of work on our new budget set up, and organised all of our bank accounts. I’ll talk about this more when I’m back on my computer. (The laptop I’m using right now hardly works and so posting spreadsheets is out of the question lol)

It seems simple enough! Ha! The longest step is the move from 25% to 50% because we’re not starting at zero for the first step. Anyway we’ll see how we go. At least for now we have something to focus on, which was our main aim.


01. 07. 2014

Mortgage Freedom


Original Mortgage: £138,485 (April 2006)
Original term: 300 months (March 2031)
Balance last month: £68,915.24
New Balance: £68,421.32
Paid off to date: £70,063.68
Actual payments left: 192
(Original) Months until goal date: 41 (31st Dec 2017)

50.59% of mortgage debt repaid! 

This should be our final (regular) mortgage payment as we’re due to complete on our house sale in July. It feels very strange to be so close to total debt freedom as I feel like I’ve been paying off some sort of debt for years (and in a way I have!)

August 2014 will be my first full month of debt freedom since about 1985! Pretty much my whole adult life so far! 2005 was the turning point – thank you Money Saving Expert – and then discovering personal finance blogs in 2007 (and starting my own) was the further motivational push I needed.

Yay for pf blogging and the wonderful people who support you as you try to do the (at the time) seemingly impossible. ♥