18. 12. 2014

I realised yesterday that I haven’t shared the recent clothing additions to my minimalist wardrobe.

All the pictured long sleeve t’s were purchased (at a great discount) from Gap on my recent trip to NY……I was looking out for the first two, but the second two were an impulse buy! ;)


^ originally $27.95 each (approx £35) and I paid £11.46 for the pair!

stripes 1

^ I can’t remember the discount but I paid £22.62 for these two.

I may have gone a little overboard on the stripes, but my t-shirt collection was severely cut back after my last wardrobe edit and so these are all making a welcome addition.



16. 12. 2014

I’m trying really hard to be super organised over the coming weeks and so yesterday, after compiling a menu plan for the rest of December, I went grocery shopping. The main purpose of the trip was to buy meat for the freezer, but I also picked up a few other bits and pieces.

Here’s my haul:

grocery haul

I spent £58.33 in total – £10 of which went on beer (not pictured!) –  this takes my total for December to £173.11 out of a £280 budget. I’m still hopeful of staying within budget. but if I don’t, I have £30+ of N ectar points as back up.

Receipt Breakdown: £58.33
– £1.00 Milk
– £3.50 Cheese
– £1.00 Pineapple Juice
– £6.00 Minced Beef (2 x 500g)
– £10.00 Chicken Breasts x 8
– £5.00 Bacon x 2
– £5.00 Sausages x 2
– £10.00 Lager
– £3.00 Tortilla Chips x 3
– £2.00 Sweet Chili Sauce x 2
– £3.00 Yogurts x 8
– £1.15 Foil
– £0.95 Matches
– £2.00 Toothpaste*
– £0.53 Tomatoes
– £1.00 Mushrooms
– £1.25 Potatoes
– £1.00 Lettuce
– £1.00 Red Onions
– £0.60 Pepper
(0.65) Voucher

* Colgate purchased at a different shop

When I got home I portioned out the meat for freezing.

freezer meat

Let’s do this! :)



15. 12. 2014

Our grocery budget is a little higher this month (£280) to account for the extra house guests over the Christmas period. So far I’ve spent £114.78, mainly on week to week items, but I did buy a large chicken for the 25th (I’m cooking it in the slow cooker as we still don’t have an oven!), and a few other bits and pieces that we’ll need…..cheese biscuits, wine, etc ;)

Menu Plan Monday

Yesterday I did a freezer inventory and then tried to make a menu plan for the next 17 days as it’ll make things a lot easier with all the coming and goings we have. So far the main dinners are sorted, but I still need to work out the breakfasts and lunches.

Here’s a list of what I’m starting with in the freezer:

– Large Chicken x 1
– Pork Loin Chops x 6
– Minced Beef (500g) x 1
– Sausages (6) x 2
– Beef Burgers (4) x 1
– Chili portion (for Nacho topping)
– Broccoli 3/4 bag
– Green Beans 3/4 bag
– Corn 3/4 bag
– Stir Fry Veg x 1
– Burger Buns x 4
– English Muffins x 4
– Tortilla Wraps x 3
– Bread x 1
– Bagels x 3

+ we also have 2 cooked chicken breasts and 4 eggs in the fridge.

Menu Plan:

15th: Chicken Fajitas (2)
16th: Pork Loin, Broccoli & Potatoes (2)
17th: Mushroom Omelets + Large Salad (2)
18th: Sausages, Noodles and Stir Fry Veg (2)
19th: BLT’s (2)
20th: Pasta Bolognese (3)
21st: Beef Burgers (3)
22nd: Chicken Taco Bowls (3)
23rd: Pork Loin, Green Beans & Potatoes (3)
24th: Buffet (for 8)
25th: Roast Chicken & Trimmings (for 6)
26th: Out all day
27th: Out/Leftovers
28th: Loaded Nachos (2)
29th: Potato & Leek Soup (3)
30th: Sausages, Noodles and Stir Fry Veg (2)
31st: Buffet (4)

I’ll finish up this post now as it’s getting long. I’ll be back tomorrow with a grocery haul as I’m heading out later to buy all the meat needed for the above^.

What’s on your menu this week?

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