30. 10. 2014

Where the money went in October:

october budget

Notes on fixed expenses:
– The monthly council tax payment (£134) is higher than it will be for 2015 as we’re playing catch up after just moving in.
– The water bill has gone up from the original estimated £23 a month to £29.71 a month

Notes on other expenses:
– Grocery spending was higher as we had extra visitors and overnight guests
– Electricity was down slightly on September – woop!
– I had a planned visit to the Dental Hygienist. Worth the money!
– Clothing was a new suit for M and two new items for me – black flats and a top
– House spending was shelving for the laundry room and a small blender (to make smoothies)
– Eating out was high as we spent a lot of time away from home
– Fuel makes an appearance (and will do so every month now due to work changes)
– Haircut (+tip) £38.60 My regular appointment – I go every ten weeks

All in all not too bad a month. We had a lot of unplanned expenses this month, outside of the numbers above, and having a cash emergency fund made things (financially) a lot easier. Thankfully. (Re) Funding our ef will be our financial priority for the next couple of months.

How did your October go? Did you stick to budget?



28. 10. 2014

As we head into the winter months I feel like my current wardrobe needs a little updating/organising/editing?! Some of my items are getting a little past their use by date, and as I plan to make a few purchases in November, it makes sense to do the edit now. I hate clothes shopping, but it’s much easier to do when you know what you need!

I have just under 40 core items at the moment – I haven’t counted them recently – but I’m expecting this to go lower temporarily, as I edit things out over the coming weeks.

For the second part of this series (Part One here),  here are four of my wooly items!

minimalist wardrobe 2

Clockwise starting top left:

1. M&S Black Three quarter sleeve Jumper with zip detail (at the back)
– A very simple black jumper. New(ish) and staying

2. Next Navy Waterfall cardigan with pockets
– Again fairly newish. I wear this with my striped t’s on cooler days. Stays.

3. Next Black V Neck Jumper
– Very simple black jumper. It’s in a good condition and so staying.

4. Gap oversized jumper
– I bought this earlier in the year and it’s not held up too well – the wool is quite bobbly. I’m going to try to de-fuzz it a little. If it doesn’t look any better after that I’ll put it in the ‘for walks’ pile.

Are you editing your wardrobe before the Winter? 



27. 10. 2014

menu planning 22

I need to pick up a few groceries this morning, but here’s what we’re eating this week –

Monday: Sausages w/veggies and Sweet Potato Mash
Tuesday: Slow Cooker Chili w/rice
Wednesday: Leftover Chili w/Baked Potatoes
Thursday: Pan Fried Salmon w/veggies
Friday: Dinner out
Saturday: Chicken Fajitas
Sunday: Mushroom Burgers in a Brioche Bun

What’s on your menu this week?

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photo credit: cyclonebill via photopin cc