Apartment Update: En-Suite Shower Room

The second bedroom en-suite is finished. It’s hard to take photos as it’s such a small space, but here’s what it looks like after decoration.

Originally I wanted to replace the light fitting and add a few extra bits and pieces – mirror, towel rack etc, but in keeping with our fairly minimalist lifestyle I changed my mind. The room is fine as it is. I may buy a small basket for toilet rolls (if I find one I like), but apart from that it’s all done.

en-suite 1

We kept the original blue & white tiling and so a nautical theme, by way of hand soap (keeping it simple!), was in order!

We added two hooks – one for M’s bath towel* (which looks a little stained in this pic – it’s not lol) and one for a hand towel.

*When the master bathroom is done he’ll be the only one using this room and so extra hooks are not needed.

en-suite 2

The print used to hang in our previous house and it’s perfect for this wall space (and colour scheme!)


Overall we’re really happy with how everything turned out with such a small budget. The bright white paint, and new flooring, has made such a difference.



Menu Planning #29

Hi guys! Sorry for my prolonged absence.

I started out this morning with a quick fridge freezer inventory as I had no idea what was lurking in there after being away for a few days (and I don’t want to grocery shop until Thursday!) We have the following:


Breads: Panini x 4, Bagels x 19 (halves), Brioche Rolls x 4, Rolls x 2 and 0.5 of a loaf of Sliced Bread

Meat: Sausages x 4, Pork Loin Chops x 4, Burgers x 2, Bacon x 1, RM Quiche x 1, Meat Sauce x 1 (meal) and Chicken Curry x 1 (meal)

Fruit & Veggies: Peppers x 1.5, Green Beans x 0.75, Peas x 0.5, Corn x 0.25 Mango Pieces x 1.25 & Blueberries x 1.5

We also have mushrooms, spinach, potatoes, cheese, plain yogurt and one egg in the fridge.

We have a lot, which made menu planning easy.

menu planning

+ Monday: Sausages, Mushrooms, New Potatoes and Green Beans
+ Tuesday: Pork Stir Fry (I’ll slice two of the pork loin) with Rice
+ Wednesday: Jacket Potato with Quiche & Corn
+ Thursday: Bacon & Cheese Panini
+ Friday: Pasta with Meat Sauce
+ Saturday: Burgers in Buns
+ Sunday: Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Bowls?

Breakfasts: Porridge, Bran Flakes or Toast

Lunches (for me) will be smoothies or simple bagels and peanut butter.

What’s on your menu this week?

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Menu Planning #28

On our menu plan this week:
menu planning

+ Monday: Sausages, Fried Onions, Noodles & Peas
+ Tuesday: Left over Taco Bowl Chicken (from the freezer) on Nachos with Sour Cream
+ Wednesday: Mushroom Omelets, New Potatoes & Salad
+ Thursday: BBQ Pork Loin with Broccoli, Cauliflower and Potatoes
+ Friday: BLT’s
+ Saturday: Burgers in Brioche Bun with Peppers & Onions
+ Sunday: Chicken Fajitas

Breakfasts: Cereal (Bran Flakes, Porridge or Mini Wheats), Bagels or Toast.

Lunches (for me only): Eggs or Smoothies

Further Reading: Our latest Grocery Haul

What’s on your menu this week?

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