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Downsizing Our Home (Part One)


Here we go then! Part one of our ‘downsizing’ journey!

Our current home is a large 3 bed Victorian detached house and we hope to move into a small 2 bed apartment. It’s a big move, but only if you haven’t been preparing for this moment since about 2007 like I have! :)

There are a number of reasons why it’s taken us such a long time to decide to move - kids living at home, mortgage rates, wanting to move to Portugal – but now that we have, we are very (very) ready for it!

And the best thing about it (besides less cleaning!), is being able to shoot for Financial Independence by 2024. Being financially free in 10 years time would be a dream come true. Of course there’s a lot of work and saving to do to make that happen, but for now, downsizing to achieve mortgage freedom, will really help that dream along. I’ll talk about the financial ins and outs of it all as things progress, but for now, looking for an apartment is our main priority.

To help us in our search we put together a couple of lists.

Apartment Essentials:
- 2 Bedrooms
- In a town/city
- Long Lease – 85+ years
- Parking Space
- Modern
- Close/Walkable to a station
- Close to grocery stores
- Less than £125k

Apartment Would Likes:
- Walkable to grocery stores
- En Suite
- Open plan
- Private/Gated
- Balcony
- Dishwasher
- Built in storage

We’ll probably think of a few things to add as we get further into our search, but for now this is enough.

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Spending Diary (20th April 2014)

Every week I like to come clean about my spending, good or bad!

Spending Diary

Random Lisbon photo!

- No spend day

- £33.80 Grocery
- £50.00 Solicitor (deposit)

- No spend day

- £1.75 Lunch
- £4.50 Grocery

- £14.49 Grocery
- £10.00 Fish & Chips
- £7.99 Flowers (gift)

- No spend day

- £20.00 Eating Out

A little extra spending this week, but it’s all good!  I ended up doing two extra grocery trips on Thursday and Friday because of surprise visitors, and then yesterday we had a lovely family meal out. We also paid a small deposit to our solicitors to get the ball rolling on our house sale.

I’m not sure how this week will go with no spend days but I’m going to aim for at least 3! :)

How was your spending last week? 

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Say Goodbye to Clutter this April (Week 3)

In March I de-cluttered my online world. In April I’m tackling physical clutter.

April decluttering

This week I sort of left our box room alone and concentrated on de-cluttering my wardrobe*

Items edited out of our home this week:

Clothes recycling

- 3 Jumpers
- 1 Vest top
- 1 tin
- 1 magazine
- 2 make-up items

On my list for next week:

  • Organise the (dreaded) bathroom cupboard
  • Put all the car boot stuff into boxes ready for an early May sale

Are you de-cluttering this April?  Is so how did you do this week?

*I need to do a separate post on my current wardrobe as I haven’t updated this list in a few months.

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