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Grocery Haul #14

My regular budget is £200 a month for 2/3 people. I menu plan to avoid food waste, and keep a stockpile of items we use on a regular basis.

Purchased this week:

Grocery Haul 14

Total Spent: £33.80
- £1.50 Organic Sweet Potatoes
- £1.00 Spinach
- £0.11 Onion
- £0.69 Orange Pepper
- £1.00 Mushrooms
- £2.00 Grapes
- £0.69 Broccoli
- £2.50 Seeded Bread x 2 (£2.90)
- £0.60 White Rolls x 6
- £1.00 Bagels x 4

Grocery Haul

- £5.00 Sausages x 2 packs
- £0.80 Yogurts x 4
- £1.20 Yogurt
- £0.50 Natural Yogurt
- £1.10 Sour Cream x 2
- £1.48 Milk x 6 Pints
- £1.50 Grated Cheese
- £1.49 Tortilla Chips
- £1.00 Meringue Shells
- £0.35 Tinned Peaches
- £1.34 Peanut Butter
- £1.60 Fajita Seasoning
- £1.00 Bath Cream
- £4.35 Personal Items

- Grocery £34.20
- Promotion Savings £0.40
- Coupons £0.00
- Total Spend: £33.80

I didn’t buy a lot this week as I’m trying to use up what we have in the freezer + we’re going to be away for a couple of days. If we do run of out stuff then I’ll pick up a few bits over the weekend. If not I’ll do a grocery run next Monday/Tuesday.

April Grocery Budget* £250 :: Spent so far £136.18 :: Leftover £113.82
Coupons and Points used £0.25

* B is home from university for a few weeks and has given me £50 towards food, so I’ve upped the budget for April.

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Spending Diary (13th April 2014)

Every week I like to come clean about my spending, good or bad! This week it’s the Justin Timberlake Edition, as evidenced by my ringing ears (hours later) and sore legs!

Spending Diary

Sorry for the (rubbish) blurred photo!

Last year I had failed attempt at buying my youngest daughter tickets to a JT concert. She was upset, but it was one of those things – the tickets sold out like hot cakes. However extra dates were then scheduled and she seemed blissfully unaware. Long story short, this time around I managed to purchase two tickets and made one twenty year old very happy on Christmas morning.

Last night she was happy because she got to see her music idol, and I was happy because she bought sandwiches and a flask of tea with her to save buying food at the venue! I trained her well!

Spending Diary:
- No spend day

- £12.35 Grocery (Aldi + Tesco)

- No spend day

- No spend day

- £30.00 Haircut + Tip
- £23.99 Postage (Selling)

- £8.00 Parking (Concert)
- £23.30 Grocery

- No spend day!

How was your spending this week? 

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Say Goodbye to Clutter this April (Week 2)

In March I de-cluttered my online world. In April I’m tackling physical clutter.

April decluttering

Selling. Week 2 and progress has been made. I sold the walker! In fact I sold the walker twice on Amaz*n), but the first buyer backed out – no fun with a 19kg parcel! After organising the refund, for him and for me (parcel collection), I re-listed in the hope of selling it again. Which I did. Fingers crossed there are no problems going forward with this sale.

Conscious buying. With a package that big you can get it picked up by a parcel delivery firm – I didn’t fancy carrying it to the post office! The downside is that you have to wait in all day for the collection. Which is no biggie, but it’s all time you’re dedicating to stuff you’ve purchased, that you wish you hadn’t!

Time wasted selling this walker has re-affirmed my goal to be a 100% conscious about all my purchases going forward.

Ebay. I’m thinking I may have to leave the majority of my online selling until May, although I will try to get all the listing prepped and ready to go. I’m planning a car boot sale in May too, so that should work out quite well. What doesn’t sell online I’ll take to the car boot.

Other stuff done this week:

  • Paper work shredding
  • Dropped 4 books off at the book bank

I think that’s it for this week. Next week I’ll be re-organising my wardrobe and assessing my clothing needs (if I have any!).

Are you de-cluttering this April?  Is so how did you do this week?

Are you new to No More Spending?

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