03. 02. 2015

Hi all! Here’s the breakdown of our spending for January.

January Round-Up

Apartment costs:
Electricity was higher than usual – it’s been colder, and we had the heating on a lot more over the holiday period.  We also made our last council tax payment for a couple of months, and paid the bi-annual maintenance charges for our apartment.

Variable costs:
I nearly made grocery budget – going over by £1.71. I spent a lot on hair and beauty this month – I got my hair coloured for the first time, and I stockpiled body butter and moisturiser. Body Shop had an offer on and I purchased 4 coconut Body Butters for £6.75 each – a lot cheaper than the regular £13 per pot. My supply should last me all year.

I also filled the car up with petrol at the very end of the month and so we might not have to buy any fuel in February.

2015 Financial Goals progress:

It’s early days but here’s how I’m doing so far.

1. The sum of invested assets at 25% of goal by December 2016. At the end of January progress is at 11.3%

2. Spend no more than £2,520 on grocery & household in 2015. £211.71/£2,520

3. Track every penny spent in 2015. So far so good :)

How did you do in January?




In 2014 my husband & I downsized our home to speed up our quest for Financial Freedom. We swapped our large three bed house, for a small two bed apartment to clear our mortgage and give us enough budget freedom to travel and still save for the future. Our dream, after achieving Financial Freedom, is to spend part of every year living abroad.

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10 Responses to “Budget Round-Up: January 2015”

  1. Gill says:

    I am always impressed on how thorough you are with your info. Keep up the good work. January was a right off for us, but February is getting off to a good start.

    Gill in Canada

  2. M says:

    Yup, I echo the above. Great write up Laura, and our January was also pretty bad with pretty much all my budget lines in the red, due to the Christmas holidays. Thank God for no council tax payments for two months, that always helps us to catch up.


    P.S. looking forward to the next grocery haul.

    • Laura says:

      Thanks M. I wanted to start the year as I mean to go on, with 100% tracking! I’m glad to see the back of the holiday period, money seems to go out left right and centre! :)

      Grocery haul’s will be back at the weekend. I didn’t shop last Friday as we were going on our hols.

  3. weenie says:

    Good work on the detailed tracking and oh so close on your groceries! Great though, as you say you can blow this one big time if you don’t keep an eye on it!

  4. Jane says:

    I SO agree with #3 – track every penny!! I can tell you at the end of each month where every penny went and it really helps one know where to cut back. Great job on the groceries Laura!!

  5. Michelle says:

    How do you like getting your hair colored?

  6. Huw says:

    Hi NMS,

    Congratulations for committing to recording your income and expenses for the rest of the year and for having a set target to keep household and grocery spending below.

    in my opinion it’s been the biggest factor in turning around my personal finance. It makes it even better that you’re documenting them here so everyone can see. That accountability will work wonders.

    Keep up the good work, and I wish you all the best for 2015!


  7. SarahN says:

    Impressive, you’ve done well… Like others, I’m so impressed by your commitment to tracking and therefore your discipline from incidental spending…

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