Summer 2014 To-Do List

Summer To-Do List

Rather than set a few mini goals for July (& August) I thought a to-do list would be simpler. Tasks, not goal’s, is the theme for the next two months!

Summer To-Do:

  • Book a storage facility
  • Book van hire x 2
  • Successfully move all of our belongings into storage
  • Successfully move all of our belongings into new apartment
  • Book airport parking (at a discount) for November’s trip
  • Change the address on EVERYTHING – the list seems endless!
  • Cancel garden bin collection
  • Take 3 items of furniture to daughters house
  • Get our post redirected
  • Clean our current house from top to bottom
  • Take a mini trip to London
  • Research first and then buy a new fridge freezer & washing machine
  • Register with a new doctor and dentist
  • Assist Dad with his (new) kitchen install
  • Claim for lost Ebay parcel (!!)
  • Move (house and my body!)
  • Read the meters
  • Write a new apartment to-do list
  • Set budget for to-do list ^

This is more of a ‘Moving House To-Do List’, but having it here on the blog will help me to stay organised!



13 thoughts on “Summer 2014 To-Do List

  1. I wasn’t quite sure why you had stuff going into storage?

    Just got the post redirected this morning – what a rip off!

    I have a similar list that I’m working through – hope I don’t need to move again for at least ten years! :)

    p.s. It’s a shame part of the moving story is over at – I had missed your recent post on the house there because I thought you had stopped posting there – maybe there are others too! (I only found it because I checked on a whim).

    1. HI Tony
      There’s a delay in moving into our new place. We sort of expected it. Much keener to just make sure our sale goes through in a timely manner.
      I agree about moving , we are so de-cluttered and yet I feel totally over-whelmed some days.

      I wanted to keep a diary of the apartment redecoration/updates etc for myself, without putting lots of ‘I painted this wall today’ posts happening over here – if that makes sense.

  2. Quite a list for the summer. Storage is just so expensive … we had one since last year and I am just tempted to sell everything there since I dont even know whats there anymore. It was meant to be there for just a couple of months =(

    1. Hi Michelle
      It’s funny what we can live without isn’t it! I should sell it all and get rid of the cost :)

  3. I have been in that situation a couple of times, having to use storage between selling and buying. I think it’s bearable if you can hire movers to carry stuff! I assume you had no choice on the timing of your dad’s kitchen install! It’s great you have some London time and a November trip to look forward to as well.

    1. Hi Dar! We’re doing the initial move ourselves with help from two kids and a boyfriend lol! I’m supervising in the main!
      For the move into the apartment (and a flight of stairs), I think we’ll get movers.

      Dad’s having new windows and a bathroom too – the timing sucks but it can’t be helped.

  4. You’re so organized! Usually I’m so excited about moving that I just jump right in and don’t actually make a list until I’m in the thick of it. Good luck – I hope everything goes smoothly!

  5. You know me, I love a good list! I was shocked at the storage place, til I realised it was just a logistics move, not a “we have too much stuff” – which I know you don’t!!

    You have to ‘register’ for new doctors and dentists? We just rock on up any where! Luckily I only moved a suburb away, so it’s a longer walk to get to them, but still entirely possible! That being said, when I’m super sick, i want a VERY close GP, and no appointment garbage!

    1. Ha! Yes it’s logistics only…although my son, who is home right now, is far from -de-cluttered’!

      We have to register, but we are moving to a different area so would need to change anyway.

  6. You’re so organized. I love it! We’re contemplating a kitchen renovation, so any insight or pictures you can share would be much appreciated.

    1. Organised but still stressing over the move a little! I think it’s impossible not to when you think of everything that has to be done :)

  7. LOTS to do that has to do with the move. I’m sure once that’s complete it will be a big sigh of relief. Our last move was just down the hall so it wasn’t too stressful!

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