Spending Diary (29th June 2014)

– No spend day

– £31.85 Grocery
– £2.63 Eating Out

– No spend day

– £4.91 Grocery

– No spend day

– £4.49 Stationery
– £27.08 Grocery

– tbc

My grocery budget for June is blown. Adding up the numbers this morning it looks like we’ve spent £260+ this month! Eek! I’m not going to sweat it though – it’s just been one of those months!

I know it’s been one of those months when my Blog Reader has over 200 unread items! Hopefully I can catch up tomorrow. I can’t today as we’re going to fetch my son (and all his belongings) home from his university town.

Less than 20 days until our move now….

How was your spending been this week? 



7 thoughts on “Spending Diary (29th June 2014)

  1. Hi Laura. My June spending is the highest of the year to date – too many small shopping trips – you think you haven’t spent much but they soon add up! Must improve. Good luck with the final moving activities xo

  2. This week I’ve been using up what we have at home, so I haven’t had to spend anything. However, now I’ve used up everything indoor, I now need to go food shopping today.

    1. I’ve just defrosted our freezer and need to do a big grocery shop today! I’m dreading it lol.

  3. This weeks budget is better than the usual. Starting out some shopping hints from my friends helped me a great deal! Or I suppose it actually depends on the time of year.

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