Our Menu Plan + Grocery Haul #18

In preparation for our move I’m defrosting our freezer at the weekend. The buyers are keeping it, and I’ll be able to use it until we move out, but I didn’t want to leave it until the last-minute. Our menu plan should ensure an empty freezer by Sunday.

Before that though, here’s what I purchased this morning:


Shopping List: £31.85

  • £1.35 Microfibre Cloths
  • £2.70 Refuse Sacks (for our move)
  • £1.69 Toilet Roll (60p coupon used)
  • £4.50 Bacon x 2 packets (was £6.58 + £1.00 coupon used)
  • £4.00 Chicken (4 breasts)
  • £2.00 Cooked Ham
  • £2.00 Eggs x 6
  • £2.00 Milk  x 8 pints (as £3.68 + £1.00 Coupons used)
  • £0.60 Kettle Crisps (40p coupon used)
  • £0.40 Wheat Baguette
  • £0.80 Panini’s x 2
  • £1.30 Salad Leaves x 2
  • £0.69 Tomatoes x 6
  • £1.50 Apples x 6
  • £0.35 Cucumber
  • £0.26 Onions x 2
  • £5.71 Personal items and bits for Dad

Menu Plan:

– Monday: Leftover Bolognese + Pasta
– Tuesday: Pizza + Salad
– Wednesday: Chili & Rice
– Thursday: Chili Nachos
– Friday: Toasted Chicken Panini’s
– Saturday: Bacon & Egg Sandwiches
– Sunday: Curry & Naan Bread
– Monday: Southwest Chicken Skillet
– Tuesday: Leftover Chicken Skillet on Nachos



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10 thoughts on “Our Menu Plan + Grocery Haul #18

  1. I ended up taking a big cooler of food with us this time, normally I am more organized, not sure what happened?

  2. My freezer is in dire need of defrosting, so I’m trying to eat everything in it over the next week. I think I’ll be alright with the meat and frozen veg but I think I’m going to struggle with the 3 boxes of ice cream cones (fell for a 3 for the price of 2 offer recently!)

    Just spotted thqt you bought some refuse sacks for your move. I don’t think I’ve bought any such sacks in a long time – I am always inundated with charity bags posted through my door, so the surplus ends up being used for rubbish.

    1. I haven’t bought any lately either, but we’re moving my son on Monday too and I wanted to go prepared for his clothing mountain – I know he won’t have bags at the ready!!

    1. Yes! We still don’t have a date for moving in, but I know when we’re leaving here and will be staying at my Mum’s if there’s a time gap.

  3. It’s hard to completely clear a fridge without waste. Have you had to dispose of sauces, jars etc?

    We emptied our fridge before going on holiday as I was worried about power fails. It’s turned out they’ve had huge storms and widespread power outages, so I’m glad we did it. But it’s been a bit costly as we had to give away lots of sauces etc.

    1. I haven’t given anything away yet, but I will be doing. I’m off up to my sons on Monday, he’ll have anything that’s going :)

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