24. 06. 2014

In preparation for our move I’m defrosting our freezer at the weekend. The buyers are keeping it, and I’ll be able to use it until we move out, but I didn’t want to leave it until the last-minute. Our menu plan should ensure an empty freezer by Sunday.

Before that though, here’s what I purchased this morning:


Shopping List: £31.85

Menu Plan:

– Monday: Leftover Bolognese + Pasta
– Tuesday: Pizza + Salad
– Wednesday: Chili & Rice
– Thursday: Chili Nachos
– Friday: Toasted Chicken Panini’s
– Saturday: Bacon & Egg Sandwiches
– Sunday: Curry & Naan Bread
– Monday: Southwest Chicken Skillet
– Tuesday: Leftover Chicken Skillet on Nachos



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In 2014 my husband & I downsized our home to speed up our quest for Financial Freedom. We swapped our large three bed house, for a small two bed apartment to clear our mortgage and give us enough budget freedom to travel and still save for the future. Our dream, after achieving Financial Freedom, is to spend part of every year living abroad.

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10 Responses to “Our Menu Plan + Grocery Haul #18”

  1. Gill says:

    I ended up taking a big cooler of food with us this time, normally I am more organized, not sure what happened?

  2. weenie says:

    My freezer is in dire need of defrosting, so I’m trying to eat everything in it over the next week. I think I’ll be alright with the meat and frozen veg but I think I’m going to struggle with the 3 boxes of ice cream cones (fell for a 3 for the price of 2 offer recently!)

    Just spotted thqt you bought some refuse sacks for your move. I don’t think I’ve bought any such sacks in a long time – I am always inundated with charity bags posted through my door, so the surplus ends up being used for rubbish.

    • Laura says:

      I haven’t bought any lately either, but we’re moving my son on Monday too and I wanted to go prepared for his clothing mountain – I know he won’t have bags at the ready!!

  3. I think you’ve chosen a nice mix of fresh food and using things up. Do you look forward to starting over with an empty fridge?

    • Laura says:

      Yes! We still don’t have a date for moving in, but I know when we’re leaving here and will be staying at my Mum’s if there’s a time gap.

  4. Fiona says:

    It’s hard to completely clear a fridge without waste. Have you had to dispose of sauces, jars etc?

    We emptied our fridge before going on holiday as I was worried about power fails. It’s turned out they’ve had huge storms and widespread power outages, so I’m glad we did it. But it’s been a bit costly as we had to give away lots of sauces etc.

    • Laura says:

      I haven’t given anything away yet, but I will be doing. I’m off up to my sons on Monday, he’ll have anything that’s going :)

  5. Best of luck eating your way through the freezer, and with the move, too!