04. 06. 2014

I’m not sure if I’ve done a minimalist wardrobe post on this site before, so here goes :) 

My journey into reducing the amount of clothing I owned started in 2009 when I completed a year-long clothes buying fast. The fast really opened my eyes to how little of my clothing I actually wore. The 80/20 clothing rule definitely applied to me back then.

Over the course of that year I slowly reduced everything that I owned, and started the beginnings of the capsule (casual) wardrobe that I have today. At my last count I had 31 core wardrobe items, today, after making a few changes over the winter, I have 32 (+coats and shoes).

You’ll notice from the photo below that my wardrobe consists of neutral colours only, but I wouldn’t have it any other way – I’m definitely a jeans, t-shirt and flip-flops girl. I’ll add a scarf if I’m feeling adventurous ;)

Minimalist Wardrobe:

Minimalist Wardrobe

32 Items:

  1. Black Linen Trousers
  2. Black Smart Trousers
  3. Black Smart Trousers
  4. Jeans
  5. Jeans
  6. Jeans
  7. Black Casual Trousers
  8. Grey V Neck T-Shirt
  9. Black Round Neck T-Shirt
  10. Black Boat Neck T-Shirt
  11. Black Detail Round Neck T-Shirt
  12. Navy Flowery Round Neck T-Shirt
  13. Navy Detail Round Neck Detail
  14. Striped (Sparkle Collar) Round Neck T-Shirt
  15. Stripy Blue on White 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt
  16. Stripy White on Blue 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt
  17. Stripy Navy/White L/S T-Shirt
  18. Grey L/S T-Shirt
  19. Navy Waterfall Cardigan
  20. Black Cardigan
  21. Black V Neck Jumper
  22. Black Round Neck Jumper with Zip Detail
  23. Blue Mix Casual Jumper

+ 9 Items for exercise and wearing at home ( 3 exercise pants, 3 T-shirts + 3 Jumpers)


  1. Black Trench Coat
  2. Black Padded Trench Coat
  3. Grey Fleece


  1. Black Patent Birkenstocks
  2. Black Flip Flops
  3. Brown Wedge Sandal
  4. Black Boots
  5. Black Sandals (Occasion)
  6. Walking NB Trainers

To manage my wardrobe organisation (and to avoid aimless clothes shopping, which I hate!), I keep a clothing wish list on my mobile phone and once every 6 months or so I’ll do a little shopping and buy 2 or 3 items from my list. 

I tend to shop in the following stores for my basics, Gap, Banana Republic, M& S and Next. Then for bigger purchases like coats and handbags, I spend a lot more as I want them to last me for a very long time.

For fun I also have a wardrobe board on Pinterest (where you can see some of my clothing items) as it’s nice to see how everything mixes and matches.

Phew! That’s it I think. Please let me know your thoughts.

Do you have a similar amount of clothes? Are you working towards reducing your clothing? 




In 2014 my husband & I downsized our home to speed up our quest for Financial Freedom. We swapped our large three bed house, for a small two bed apartment to clear our mortgage and give us enough budget freedom to travel and still save for the future. Our dream, after achieving Financial Freedom, is to spend part of every year living abroad.

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33 Responses to “My Minimalist Wardrobe”

  1. Hi Laura, I love these posts! Your wardrobe looks very chic, and functional too! I have about 150 items including coats, shoes and workout wear. But since that covers 4 dramatically different seasons, I realized I only have about 50 items in rotation at a time. Last winter I had about 25 work items and 25 casual items that were suitable for the season. So then I didn’t feel bad about having so much!

    Your wardrobe is an inspiration :)

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Dar!
      I love your wardrobe posts too. You’re so organised.

      I can totally understand how you would need more clothing living where you live – I would never leave the house in the winter.

  2. Gam Kau says:

    Oh wow, this is impressive! How I aspire to pare down to such few clothes. I under 80 items not including shoes, but including outerwear and I don’t wear probably close to 1/2 of it. But some items are dressier items for occasions so I keep them on hand just in case. Still, what I wear daily is probably under 20 items! Your wardrobe looks so nice!

    • Laura says:

      Hi Gam Kau
      I don’t have anything dressy at all at the moment. If I get invited to something I always have to buy a blouse/outfit. Not an ideal way to do it – a black dress would probably solve the problem, but I don’t like to wear dresses or skirts.

  3. Fiona says:

    I just love these wardrobe pictures. Especially how orderly and lovely everything looks on matching hangers.

    I try to stay under 50 main wardrobe items. However, here we can wear a very static wardrobe for most of the year…just add a cardigan or wrap on top for winter.

    • Laura says:

      That;s exactly what I do – add a jumper or cardigan in the winter. A lot easier than living in the weather Dar has to cope with.

  4. Wow, your wardrobe is so neat. Mine looks like a clothes bomb had gone off inside it. A minimalist wardrobe is one of the things I want to try this year. I have clothes hanging in my wardrobe that I’ve not worn for months (some clothes probably not for years!) but I do have trouble getting rid of perfectly good clothes.

    • Laura says:

      Thanks MFF.
      When I first started this I did get rid of good clothes but a lot were either too small or really not me. I sold most of them on ebay.

  5. It’s very impressive. Wow, your wardrobe is very cleaned and arranged. I am so lazy in arranging my wardrobe, haha so I just fixed it I guess once a month.

  6. Look how neat your wardrobe is! Mine looks like a bomb hit it. Well done for being so minimalistic in that department. When you stop buying clothes you start pulling out golden oldies that you forgot about.

    • Laura says:

      I think a year long fast forces you to wear stuff that’s been hiding for years. Then you can make a decision on it – does it stay, or go?

  7. AlwaysHappy says:

    Oh my word, what a fantastic looking wardrobe (and one which I would love to have). I am “trying” to pare down my clothes, and in recent times have “mainly” bought the same colours which does make it easier when choosing what to wear. I would never dare take a photo of my (triple) wardrobe, which is bulging and has spread onto a clothes rail too. In fairness, I have a work uniform which takes up well over a foot of clothing rail, but on the other hand – why do I need so many other clothes? Like others have said, I find it difficult to get rid of possibly expensive items, which may come in. You have definitely given me food for thought though.

    • Laura says:

      Hi Always Happy
      Buying clothes that match is the key to minimising your wardrobe – it makes it so much easier in the mornings (especially when you’re lazy like me!)
      Have you thought about doing a clothes buying fast?

  8. Hi Laura, I love seeing your minimalist wardrobe evolve. Hope you’re enjoying your black linen trousers. They’re ideally lightweight for summer, don’t you think, but so much more practical than white – I have both and the white do get quite stained at the hem. I think I could live with this amount of core clothing but I would struggle with your amount of footwear. As other readers have said, so very capsule, co-ordinated and chic! Thanks for posting :-)

    • Laura says:

      I love my linen trousers! I’ve had white in the past and they stay clean on me for about 5 minutes, so now I don’t bother. I’m considering adding a pair of shoes/flats for the winter, just need to find some that I like.

  9. You guys are my decluttering heroes. So cool! I love the look of that closet…it’s a stark contrast to ours.

  10. SarahN says:

    Totally the green eyed monster with your tidy and tiny wardrobe!!

    Just this past weekend (and yesterday’s post) were about exactly this – how many items I have, how many I really wear, and what I can trim down (I managed to find 20 things to go!). After thinking how bored readers would be at my lengthy lists of long sleeves t shirts, I culled three, and it all went from there. When I looked at my lists of items, I had already identified things that might go ‘next time’ for lack of wear or ‘liking’, plus some things wearing out.

    I could throw stones in glass houses and say your wardrobe would be too boring for me, but then I know my wardrobe is all neutrals + blues and greens. With a handful of pink. So I’m really not that different at all!

    32 items… I should see what I’d pick if I could *only* have 32! No dresses or skirts?

    • Laura says:

      I laugh when my daughter tells me how boring my wardrobe is, only to look in hers and see the exact colour scheme and type of clothing – except in a lot smaller size though.

      I would like to read your lengthy lists! I have a list of stuff that will probably need to be replaced this winter. That’s one of the good things about managing your wardrobe – planned buying.

  11. Sue says:

    I LOVE your wardrobe, and that you know your style so well.

    I actively take part in Project 333, which means having 33 items available for every 3 months of the year, having out of season things packed away whennot in use, well that’s the theory. Every now and then it seems to go out of control and extra things get pulled out of cases, bought on the spur of the moment and added to the wardrobe. At the moment I’m in one of those aberrations and have lost count of what I have.

    My problem is that I know what I like to wear, jeans and shirts or t shirts, but then I get influenced by what I feel I ‘should’ wear the odd dress or skirt and I buy something that catches my eye, but rarely does it actually get worn.

    I need to get ruthless and get my wardrobe looking like yours, although mine would be blues and greens, as if I wear black I look like death warmed up (it’s a shame though I LOVE black clothes).

    You’ve inspired me to do something about this and I think tomorrow I will get sorting out again and carboot everything that I know I don’t want to wear again. I think if I do this I will use the money I make to plug any gaps in what I need and then have a break from clothes shopping for a while.

    • Laura says:

      Hi Sue.
      We’re very similar in our go to outfits! Jeans and T’s all the way. I used to get tempted to buy stuff too – I’ve read a magazine article, see something that looked nice and go buy it despite it being nothing like the kind of item I would wear. Now I’m at peace with my basic ‘style’.

      I hope you’ll blog about your wardrobe sorting – I love these type of posts :)

  12. Amanda says:

    I just did a little clothes decluttering over the weekend! I really enjoy having variety in my wardrobe so I’m not sure I would be happy over the long term with so few items. But your clothes look lovely, so neat and tidy!

  13. arlene says:

    Hi! I’ve never posted here before. Love your wardrobe. I have a similar neutral wardrobe. I’d like to ask you if you ever get people questioning you about your color choices? I’ve always got the “you never wear colors” and “are you afraid of colors?” Just curious if that’s happened to you. Love the way you have organized your closet. I try but never achieve that look! Thanks for showing us your organized closet and all of your clothes choices.

    • Laura says:

      Hi Arlene
      Only my Mum comments on my plain wardrobe. She has a totally different style to me, loves colour and can’t understand why I don’t :)

  14. weenie says:

    Wow wow wow! That wardrobe is incredible!

    I don’t shop for clothes often but I’m a terrible hoarder so have a lot of clothes, some of which are many many years old – I convince myself that flares will come back into fashion again soon… Same goes with my shoes/boots.

    You’ve already been an inspiration to me with your decluttering – since I started reading your blog, I have filled 3 charity bags full of ‘stuff’. I’m going to try to fill another bag this weekend!

    • Laura says:

      Hi Weenie
      Glad you like the wardrobe :)

      It took me years to get my wardrobe like this. I used to hoard clothes for those ‘just in case’ days. Good luck with your de-cluttering :)

  15. Your capsule wardrobe looks fab! I keeptying to achieve this but I have a lot of fashion ‘personalities’ so I have quite a lot of items. However, I am much better of getting rid of unworn outfits and do not hoardlike a I use to. ‘

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Victoria! My clothing personality is quite plain (and boring lol), so it makes it easier to live with so few clothes.

  16. iou says:

    I’m a little late to the party here (about a month) but I just saw this on your side bar and your perfectly organized, minimal, and matching closet made me drool.

    I’m in the process of trying to do the same and I’m finding it to be quite challenging, but I Have learned that it’s a process and it won’t happen overnight.

    If i could, I’d get rid of everything and start again.

  17. katie says:

    Wow! I love this post, sooo organised I can only envy. I made a start on organising my wardrobe but only managed to hang all my dresses together before I gave up (I counted 63!!!)