Menu Planning #13

On our menu this week:

Menu Plan Monday

  • Sausages, Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Peppers + Green Beans & Spinach
  • Pizza, Jacket Potato, Sour Cream + Green Onions
  • Southwest Chicken Skillet (x 2 Days)

We’re away for three nights and so there’s not much of a menu plan this week!

I did a little grocery shopping this morning, just to tide us over until Friday, and then I’ll be trying to get back to my regular, shop once a week (on a Friday), grocery routine.

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  1. MrsFinancialFreedom says

    Hi Laura,

    I’ve just clicked on the link to that southwest chicken recipe and it looks absolutely lovely. I will have to try it.

    I need to do more menu planning as I’m trying to cut down on food spending but I need to be more organised.

    I must try harder!

  2. anexactinglife says

    After a Costco run this month ($$), we are only buying the basics each week and eating down the pantry – hoping we can hold out to May 31. But likely will not succeed as 13-yr-old nephew is staying with us for a few days next week!

    • nomorespending says

      13 year olds eat a lot! Does Costco work out cheaper for you in Canada? Apologies if you’ve done a post on it before. I would love to be a member, but I can’t get one/or know anyone to tag along with.

  3. Hannah @ Wise Dollar says

    I had just clicked the link of southwest chicken recipe. And wow! It really do looks delicious. I must try this one. Because Saturday is my b day and don’t know what to prepare yet! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Carla says

    I *REALLY* need to get a menu plan done but for now i’m winging it till grocery day.. using up this & that for the week!! Tomorrow is spaghetti & garlic bread, but that’s all I know. lol!