Spending Diary (13th April 2014)

Every week I like to come clean about my spending, good or bad! This week it’s the Justin Timberlake Edition, as evidenced by my ringing ears (hours later) and sore legs!

Spending Diary

Sorry for the (rubbish) blurred photo!

Last year I had failed attempt at buying my youngest daughter tickets to a JT concert. She was upset, but it was one of those things – the tickets sold out like hot cakes. However extra dates were then scheduled and she seemed blissfully unaware. Long story short, this time around I managed to purchase two tickets and made one twenty year old very happy on Christmas morning.

Last night she was happy because she got to see her music idol, and I was happy because she bought sandwiches and a flask of tea with her to save buying food at the venue! I trained her well!

Spending Diary:
- No spend day

- £12.35 Grocery (Aldi + Tesco)

- No spend day

- No spend day

- £30.00 Haircut + Tip
- £23.99 Postage (Selling)

- £8.00 Parking (Concert)
- £23.30 Grocery

- No spend day!

How was your spending this week? 


  1. Frugal queen says

    I’ve spent over £300 on one of my dogs. I also bought dress making fabric and creocote for the fence and shed. Which reminds me, I must get out and painting x

  2. Liquid says

    Nice job on raising a frugal young lady :) Like mother like daughter they say. I had a pretty normal spending week. Went to a musical earlier today, Annie. It was free because my friend had an extra ticket so that was nice.

  3. Gam Kau says

    Aren’t you so happy when you see your children behaving frugally? This past week my son mentioned a mate’s flagrant spending habits and I was pleased he noticed. It’s really important to me that my kids are able to discern consumerism from happiness.

  4. Fiona says

    What a great gift and so nice that that it was able to be a complete surprise! Another very good week of spending :)

  5. SarahN says

    Gosh you put me to shame – I have been so lazy with photos of them to make a blog post (and it’s been dark and rainy), but I just added up about $500 worth of splurging in the past week or two. Thankfully, I’ve had additional overtime pay, but I’ve bought ferns, a cardigan (at a price that’ll make people cry), a BBQ, random kitchen stuff… what else? It’s been nuts, but I’ve also put extra on the mortgage too, so I’m trying to be kind to myself.

  6. Viv says

    Wow your postage was more than the Saturday groceries!! Live concerts are a wonderful experience – I miss them but cannot go now as my ringing ears do not recover anymore. I would go and suffer though for a live Leonard Cohen concert!

  7. Done by Forty says

    My wife would flip out for the chance to go to a Justin Timberlake concert. I don’t know if I’m a good enough husband to stomach going though. :) I’m glad you guys were able to have a good (and frugal) time!

  8. Alex says

    We hope our best traits are passed down to our children, and you seemed to have done just that. Well done!
    And Justin Timberlake is a cool guy, not my sort of gig but no doubt those tickets were expensive (eek).