Spending Report (9th March 2014)

Every day I track my spending (good or bad!), as it keeps me focused on our monthly budget limits.

Natural History Museum

– No spend day

– £6.98 Grocery
– £20.00 Oyster Card Top Up
– £7.00 Eating Out (Pizza, Ask Takeout)

– £16.95 Eating Out (Coffee, Lunch & Dinner)
– £7.85 Prescription (Paid with Gift Card)
– £9.86 Vitamins, Toothpaste (Paid with points)

– £19.20 Eating Out (Birthday dinner with my daughter)
– £7.25 Coffee & Lunch
– £12.00 House (Placemats)
– £3.50 Cards

– £2.85 Coffee
– £57.38 Grocery

– No spend day

– No spend day

As you can see I was in London this week. I spent a lot of my time meeting up with family and friends, but did get to visit the Natural History Museum for a short time.

Next week I’m hoping to report at least five No Spend Days as I’m staying home for the most part.

How did you do this week? Did you track all of your spending?

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18 thoughts on “Spending Report (9th March 2014)

  1. Love your London photos, Laura! I have been tracking finances in my paper diary every week. I have to get back to posting online. Good luck with the ‘No Spends’ next week.

  2. Wow, £19.20 on a birthday dinner, I am impressed! I remember when I turned 29 last year I spent about £10.00 on ingredients for homemade sushi and had a couple of friends over who brought wine and dessert. It was so low key and so cheap, but somehow we had such a great time!!

    At least 5 no spend days next week… eek! I envy your determination! :P Even in my most frugal days 4 no spend days was the maximum I could pull off… I only managed to have 5 no spend days ONCE in ten months. Good luck, I know you can do it!

    1. Hi Eva, I forgot to mention I used a £10 voucher too for the birthday meal……I’ve used a lot of vouchers/free points this week.

      I don’t know how you manage any No Spend Days living in London – it’s so hard to avoid spending there.

  3. I’m impressed with your ambition to hit 5 no spend days and super jealous of the fact your spending most of your week at home!! :)

    1. The museum was fun – although I didn’t stay for long. I’m trying to avoid the shops if I can help it – it’s hard though lol.

  4. 3 no spend days is great! I hope you enjoyed eating out :) Your vitamins are really cheap. Mine are about $30 a bottle, although I do spend a bit more to get vegetarian ones, but still!

    1. How many tablets does $30 buy you? I got 120 Iron and 90 Vit D for £6+ – the Vit D was free with an offer though. They seem a lot cheaper than yours.

      1. Yep, 120 vitamins in my jar too. Maybe it’s because they’re a multivitamin, not just iron or Vitamin D like yours.

  5. Hey!
    I love reading spending reports. :) I’m trying to soak up ALL the personal finance things and I have been loving reading your blog. How much do you find that ‘no spend’ days help? I always find the spending just gets offset to another day. Do you have any advice?

    1. Hi Panda
      I only count variable non essential budget lines for No Spend Days. Anything that’s a want, for example books, magazines, eating out, is spending that I don’t need to do (unless I’m away from home). I use no spend days as a way to stop myself buying anything non essential items.

  6. Hi Laura! What a great pic! I’m sure you had a fab time in London (I always do…) :-) And I am with you about tracking every penny (good or bad) – keeps me focused and allows me to look back and analyze. Here’s to a week with less spending (for me). ~ Pru

  7. Five no spend days! That’d be great — best of luck with that. We’ve been on a spending tear lately, but this week I’m going to take your lead and cut back.

  8. Like another commenter above me, I think your vitamins are a great price but it depends I guess on what vitamins those are for. We can easily spend $25 CAD a bottle for a tiny bottle of vitamins!

    I think you are doing great for being away from home. I track my spending at the end of the month usually, though I’ve been thinking of doing it weekly so I can stay on track in the shorter term.

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