18. 03. 2014

Every day I track my spending (good or bad!) as it keeps me focused on our monthly budget limits.

Monday – Thursday

– No spend days!

– £16.26 DVD
– £0.99 iTunes
– £27.99 Shoes (for a wedding)
– £17.32 Grocery

– £24.98 Homebase DIY
– £175.00 Ikea!

– £31.59 Grocery

Well I had hoped for 5 ‘no spend days’ but only managed 4. When I did spend though…

I sold two pieces of jewelry earlier in the month and used this money to pay for a new rug and four chairs from Ikea (We gave our old table and chairs to my daughter). I also managed to get a pair of shoes for a wedding we’re attending next month – still no outfit yet though!

6 Responses to “Spending Report (16th March 2014)”

  1. Not a typical week for you, Laura!

    • I know – I nearly had palpitations in Ikea despite going there with a list and sticking to it! A least none of those little ‘ikea’ extras slipped into the trolley. M and I were in and out in 15 minutes :)

  2. I figure the weekend is for spending, right? We tend to go out a bit more on those days, just because it feels easier somehow…

  3. Hi Laura! I always love your spending lists. They are reasonable. Everything is in moderation and you don’t skimp on fun. Yet you still are attacking the mortgage. Win-win! ~ Pru