Say Goodbye to Clutter This April

In March I de-cluttered my online world. In April I’m tackling physical clutter.

April decluttering
A recent clutter round-up!

I always think that I don’t have a lot of clutter……and then I open the box room door! We have an empty loft, but this small room is full of stuff that needs to be either sold, recycled or donated.

And in April I’m gonna get it (+ a few other things) done!

My aims for the month:

  • Declutter the box room
  • Be ready to do a car boot sale in May
  • Re-organise my wardrobe and assess my clothing needs (if any)
  • List at least 5 items on eBay!

That’s enough to be getting on with I think!

This is my personal challenge, but if anyone wants to join me in de-cluttering this April that would be great – every Saturday they’ll be a follow-up post (with photos!) :)

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19 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Clutter This April

  1. It always surprises my just how much effort it takes to get rid of our clutter – it would be so much easier if it just never came into the house! I just spent the last couple of weeks Ebaying so I won’t join you because I need a break from it. I do need to sort our my wardrobe for the warmer weather, but I have very few clothes so it isn’t too hard to tackle that project. Good luck sorting through your clutter this month!

    1. Thanks Gam Kau!
      I’m always amazed just how long my simplifying journey took, and how much of an ongoing process it is in this world we live in.
      Stopping clutter at the door is the key – I just haven’t managed it 100% yet :)

  2. We will be on term break in April (thank goodness – ready for it!) so while I have a break from work, I’d love to get back on top of the clutter I’ve ignored all school term. Will definitely join you!

  3. I have to finish up this school term first, but then I will be right there with you! I have some terrible piles building up.

    Good luck!

  4. Hi Laura – We will be away some of April but I will join you when I can to continue my declutter around the house.

  5. The thing that’s getting to me is the lingering ‘stuff’ – papers on the kitchen table, with the blender I need to get a part for. The iron isn’t away, and now there’s more ironing. There’s dirty clothes on the floor, that need to go to the hamper, to the washing machine but I can’t work out when to run it (it takes a long time to run) when I’ll be home to hang it out. And I need to sleep during the day cause I’m working at night… so I can’t really get through this!

    However… I would like to get the BF to move his vacuum on, plus his XBox one (the newest one, he won it, but he’ll never use it), his old Xbox. And I have a lamp that won’t sell, but I don’t use either… so all that could be decluttered. Just saying it out loud (in text) might make it happen.

    Best of luck to the both of us!

  6. I’ll join you for sure. It would be nice to end the month of April with no clutter left in the house and it all neatly boxed up ready for a car boot sale.

    I also need to get to that magical figure of 365 of things gone for the stand alone page on my Blog, then I’ll be able to relax.

    So count me in :-)

  7. I’m working on de-cluttering right now, too. Never a fun process, but we’re getting through it bit by bit. We’re trying to sell whatever we can so we can put money toward buying a DSLR camera in time for our honeymoon. Everything that has value that we can’t sell, we donate. It’s a win – win!

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