15. 03. 2014

I haven’t  been grocery shopping this week as I didn’t feel like adding any extra items to our ‘work in progress’ pantry.

Yesterday, seven months after the pantry shelves were installed, I (finally) painted them! I also painted the kitchen, but it’s the shelves I’m most excited for!

Of course to paint them I had to take everything out of the cupboard – its times like this when I’m glad that our stockpile is relatively small!


Pantry Food Inventory + Stockpiling


As you can see from the updated spreadsheet* I’m considering increasing my basics stockpile a little. B is expected to be back living at home in a few weeks and I want to be prepared.

I haven’t really thought about how I’m going to work building our stockpile into our budget yet, so more to come on that soon!

*I spotted a few missed items! Tuna (which I stopped buying because of how expensive it became), sugar, mayo, tortilla chips… ongoing list as they’ll probably be more to add.

Question for my lovely readers: Do you store bottled water? I hate buying water in plastic bottles, but being without water for a short while is something that could easily happen. Do you keep any on hand just in case? :)

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In 2014 my husband & I downsized our home to speed up our quest for Financial Freedom. We swapped our large three bed house, for a small two bed apartment to clear our mortgage and give us enough budget freedom to travel and still save for the future. Our dream, after achieving Financial Freedom, is to spend part of every year living abroad.

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31 Responses to “Pantry contents…..not in the pantry!”

  1. Catherine says:

    I do!
    Despite the worry about chemicals from the bottles, the waste and the extra expense!
    I keep a few 5 l bottles from T…o plus buy cases of 75ml and 1l from Co…o when on offer. My son takes them to the gym and I take them to work (as I work in a very old building with strange tasting tap water). This rotates my stock.
    I know I wouldn’t have enough for a ‘ zombie apocalypse’ but I have enough for my own peace of mind.

    • Hi Catherine
      I’m thinking I should buy a few 5l bottles….not sure how many though! Prepping for a zombie apocalypse….we’d need a whole lot more food and water lol!

  2. Juhli says:

    Always interesting to see other people’s pantry lists. I notice you don’t have any baking supplies listed and am wondering if they are stored elsewhere or if you don’t bake? We do keep jugs of water for emergency use. Having lived in earthquake prone California previously I am determined not to be stuck without safe water for us and our dog.

    • Hi Juhli! I don’t bake! We don’t really eat biscuits or cakes unless my mother in law brings them for us. I’ll occasionally buy them, but only if I get cookie cravings!

  3. Amanda says:

    Your pantry seems pretty pared down compared to mine. I should try not restocking for a few weeks.

    We have about 15 – 20 bottles of water (in plastic bottles), just in case. I get new ones about once a year when my grocery store has a promotion for a free case of bottled water.

  4. Sue says:

    I buy 10 bottles of Sparkling water at a time and replenish when I run out, so I virtually always have some in, but it’s not saved for specific emergencies.

    I’m trying to get our food supplies down to manageable and sensible amounts, so that we have la decent amount stockpiled but only of a few specific items.

    Canned tuna has gone ridiculously expensive hasn’t it. I buy it by the case whenever it is available at 49p a can from Asda usually. The cat has it for breakfast …. I know … spoilt pussy :-)

    • I’m pretty specific with my stockpile items too – it’s just the long life stuff that we eat on a regular basis. And it has to all fit in my pantry (not toiletries) as I don’t want it all over the house.
      I’ve just been having salad (without tuna) in my sandwich at lunchtimes but I’ll lookout for a good deal on it at Asda.

  5. I keep 4 large jugs of water – supposedly they need to be changed out occasionally – so I refill the jugs with my parents’ lovely clean well water. I don’t stockpile a lot of “rations” type food. Our most likely emergency is an extended power outage due to weather. In that case, we would just cook simple, everyday foods on the barbecue – we always keep a full BBQ propane tank.

    • How lovely that you have access to a well. We used to have one in our garden growing up – not that I remember it that much as I was not allowed anywhere near it.
      I think I could easily become a ‘prepper’. I often lose myself in prepping sites for hours. I think I have this fear of not having any food…I wonder what that says about me?!

  6. Yes! It’s important to keep at least a few days worth of water on hand. I try to avoid plastic (harder when I travel) but here I think it is just good to consider them part of your emergency supplies. I date them and keep them for one year, replacing them of course. I also keep tap water in old water bottles. Should there be an emergency, I can use this water to flush toilets etc. (I live in an apartment, top floor so may have issues.) ~ Pru

    • I have a stainless steel water bottle which is great for when I’m out and about and so rarely buy water in plastic bottles these days. But you’re right, it pays to keep some on hand. I should keep some tap water for flushing etc too (even though I don’t live in an apartment. Thanks for that idea Pru :)

  7. Louise says:

    Living in Gloucestershire and having survived the floods of 2007 here when we were without mains water for 16 days in my house I don’t keep water in. Even then we had advance notice that the water supplies would be turned off and it wasn’t known when they’d be back on. We ran a bath full of water and filled all the large pots but water didn’t actually stop from the taps for almost 24 hours after that (and that was with mass panic throughout the county) – by which time our water company had already delivered bowsers throughout the county and arranged for (and started) delivery of water in bottles at various collection points. When water is turned off for works you are given notice of it and it is usually completed within a few hours so I don’t feel the need to stockpile water here (food, however….. ;))

    • Hi Louise and thank you for the info. We do have slight risk of flooding here, but it’s never been as bad as you all had it in 2007 – how awful for you all.
      Based on your info I’ll probably just keep a couple of 5L bottles on hand. Ha, yes, food is definitely a different matter :))

  8. Sol says:

    I don’t even want to say how much food I have in my cupboards. I also have a few 5 litre bottles and a few 1 litre bottles of water

  9. SarahN says:

    I a little bit of a prepper, so bought one of those 5 or 10L bottles, in plastic. But you could easily try find a vessel and then add normal water, but I accept some plastics, so long as they are recyclable.

    I like seeing your stockpile list. I’m not sure I stockpile, but I always have certain things on hand – rice (aborio, brown, etc), pasta (spaghetti before the BF, now a little more variety), flours, sugars. I like to have a few cans of coconut milk or cream, and tomatos. I have dry chickpeas, mung, bortolli & navy beans and chickpeas, but to be honest the soaking is too much for me, so recently stocked a whole heap of cans of these too! With sauces and mixes, I’ll only buy one certain can of Mussaman starter, everything else tends to be from scratch (oh and Tandoori). Pretty much no canned vege though. So interesting for me to compare!

    • Hi Sarah
      I’m definitely too lazy to soak chickpeas etc and so we wouldn’t eat them. At least this way I can throw a tin in our curries etc and we get the benefit of them.
      I don’t really use the canned veg but I like to keep them on hand for those ‘just in case’ moments. They’re better than nothing. Tinned carrots can be used in casseroles if you don’t have any fresh ones.

  10. Fiona says:

    I love your pantry lists, Laura. I keep meaning to make one up but haven’t yet.

    We don’t keep any water on hand at all…we really live in such a low-risk area for earthquakes, storms, floods etc. But when we go hiking, we use iodine, water purifying tabs or a few drops of household bleach to make all kinds of awful water drinkable. I think I’d do the same again if I had to in an emergency.

  11. Jane says:

    I used to keep a case of water on hand for an emergency but it gradually disappeared! I think I would go with a couple of large plastic water containers though to save on plastic. I think we should always have a supply on hand these days.

  12. No, we don’t. We are very lucky to live in a place in the UK that gets its water staright from very good lakes – it is soft, cool and tasty. We also bought some bottles with filters – my bottle saves me a fortune because I use it when I travel (instead of buying bottled water).

    • Hi Maria
      Our water is horrible here, so we use a Brita filter. I’m thinking about the times when our water goes brown – which it has done in the past – next time I’d like to be more prepared :)

  13. Viv says:

    Wow…24 cans of Baked Beans and 12 Curry sauces is certainly being well prepared! My stockpiling tends to be about 6 of each but I know when we had daughter and partner with us for 10 months we did get through a lot of food.
    I don’t have bottled water at home because we have filtered but I do keep one or two bottles in hand at the cottage. We have a well in the wood which the previous owners used and claimed and health benefits – looking at it I am not so sure – although the old lady lived till she was 103!
    We are looking to turn our unused downstairs cloakroom into a pantry – hope you will show us a picture of yours when the food is all in place.

    • Hi Viv
      I was working on a 3 month supply of everything. B will eat beans on toast at least twice a week and I often make chili with baked beans, so we could easily get through that many.
      We have filtered too, but I just wanted to be prepared for a (very) small emergency. The water at your cottage must be good! 103 is a very good age!
      A whole cupboard dedicated to a pantry, now I’d like to see that when it’s done :)

  14. We don’t keep any water on hand, but do keep some iodine/chlorine tablets on hand, in case we need to purify any. I think a single 5 gallon jug in the garage might be a good idea though. Thanks for the tip!