Our Budget: April 2014

April sees the return of the monthly Council Tax and Water payments. The annual bills for both of these payments went up compared to last year, but only slightly. (For non UK readers you can spread the annual charge over ten monthly payments (April -January inc.) without incurring any extra cost.)

Regular readers will notice that I’ve reduced our grocery spending slightly this month. We’re away from home a little this month, on holiday + away for a family wedding, and so I should be able to keep our grocery spending quite low. The wiggle room in the £190 will allow me to build our stockpile a little more.

We’re setting aside quite a bit of money for gifts this month as most of our extended family seem to have been born in April and May! :)

April income allocation.

April Budget

April Financial Goals:

  • Achieve a 50% savings rate (we include mortgage payments against the principle in this figure)
  • Stay within grocery spending limit of £190

Ok that’s it for today!

Are you setting any financial goals in April?

13 thoughts on “Our Budget: April 2014

  1. Good stuff! That’s a reasonable budget, as always. In April, I want to dial down our spending on restaurants and date nights, which has gotten out of control lately as the missus leaves (tomorrow!). Sob. But the silver lining is that we should save some good cash in the coming months.

  2. I have some bills that are paid annually, some monthly, and some irregular. I used to save for the annual ones, but just cut my spending to pay the irregular bills. Now I set aside a monthly payment that covers ALL of the bills no matter when they’re due, so I don’t have some months with a lot of cash to spend and some with none – it is all evened out!

    1. I changed it up a little this year and split the saving in irregular amounts. It’s working so far. but if it doesn’t I’ll go back to the old system.

  3. We also save a twelth of our total annual bills each month like Dar in a specific account which is never touched for anything else so we never have to worry about paying a bill even an unexpected maintenance one.
    We too have a lot of birthdays in April as well as Easter – I need to get down to making some cards to help the budget.

    1. It’s a good system you have Viv – for some reason I changed how we save for annual bills this year. Fingers crossed my new system works.

  4. Seems like the monthly ‘donation’ to the untouchable ‘bills’ account is the way to go. We’ve done it for many years and from ‘poor times’ experience it is so much more comforting to know it’s all there when the time for any payment arrives. Total last years outgoing add a little bit extra and then divide by 12 – sorted lol Just need a little in the account to begin with to cover the early in the year ones when you first start.

    Like you our coouncil rates can be paid monthly – I still put that amount into the bills account tho’ on the three non payment months- means I have something to play with.
    Take care

    1. Hi Cathy! How are you? It’s lovely to ‘see’ you :)

      You have a great system going. It’s how I’ve always done it previously – I’m not sure why I changed it in 2014.

  5. We also do the “Bills” account and save a certain amount every week in there. We have a new line item from this month on, though. My husband insisted on getting cable tv again.

    I will save my complaining though until after Season 4 of Game of Thrones!

  6. This may sound petty but…

    …do you really need the Digial TV and the DVD rental? Do you have Amazon Prime? They just started streaming movies and TV series (FREE). It costs £80 per year or similar. Just saying, ’cause the £50 you spend on that can go in your ISA.

    1. Hi Maria, not petty to question our decision to keep cable, but my husband have given up beer, wine and going out, giving up his live sport watching would be one step too far when our expenses are less than 50% of our income. The unlimited DVD subscription is cheaper than Prime + unfortunately we have to have the TV package to get the Sports with the Digital. As yet we haven’t found a legal way to keep up with live sports, or we would.

  7. Hello, just stumbled across your blog and it makes for great reading! I’ve been budgeting a bit for the past few years but not done the spreadsheet thing so I guess I’ve not really thrown myself into it properly! Recently switched my main food shopping from Tesco to Aldi – took a bit of getting used to but shopping bill’s down by about 30-40% already. I’ve spotted that you have a ‘de-cluttering’ post – I’d better read as this is one thing I definitely need to do! Keep up the great work!

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