Menu Planning #8 + Freezer Inventory

Over the weekend I spent some time compiling a menu plan for the whole month. It didn’t take too long once I got together all our diary events for March.

It turns out that I need to plan for 18 main meals and 8 weekend brunches. Not too bad for a 31 day month, and this should help me to stay within my £200 grocery budget…although I do need to re-stock the freezer.

Freezer Inventory


+ Fish Fillets x 4
+ Chicken Mini Fillets x 5 (meals)
+ 300g Raspberries
+ Salmon Fishcakes x 2
+ Peppers x 1.5 bags
+ Peas 0.75 of a bag
+ Corn 0.5 of a bag
+ Bread 0.5 of a loaf

Our freezer is (still) fairly empty and so part of my plans this month are to fill it back up – I also need to re-stock a few store cupboard items (baked beans etc) and so I’ll be doing this too.  Hopefully the reduced amount of main meals needed should cover the cost of everything.

Our menu plan this week is very short as I’m going to London for a few days.

Menu Plan:
+ Pizza & Salad
+ Simple Chicken Curry with Rice and Naan
+ Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Veggies with Sausages

Ok that’s it for today!

What’s on your menu this week?
My latest Grocery Haul
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3 thoughts on “Menu Planning #8 + Freezer Inventory

  1. We have a busy March with events, too. I don’t usually do “monthly” meal planning, but it would make so much sense for those really busy months.

    Hope you are having fun in London!

  2. Stocking the freezer is always a sure way to save trips to the shops. For example, I only buy reduced meats as they are so expensive. They can remain stored away for a rainy day (in Manchester that’s most days…)

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