Grocery Haul #12

My budget is £200 a month for 2/3 people. I menu plan to avoid food waste, and keep a stockpile of items we use on a regular basis.

Purchased this week:
Grocery Haul

Total spent: £29.73 (includes £4 plant)
– £2.25 Cheese (half price)
– £3.00 Milk (£3.68 – 4 pints x 2)
– £2.00 Organic Baked Beans x 3 (£2.40)
– £2.00 Clover x 2
– £0.65 Can of Soup
– £4.50 Bacon x 2 (£5.98)
– £2.96 Chicken Fillets x 2 (75p coupon used)
– £2.00 Grapes
– £0.56 Sweet Potatoes x 2 large
– £2.00 Organic Eggs x 6

Grocery Haul 2

– £1.00 Wholemeal Rolls x 12 (£1.20)
– £0.68 Croissants x 4 (reduced price
– £0.72 Bread Rolls x 8 (reduced price)
– £1.15 Tea Bags
– £0.30 Mini Poppadoms x 2

– Grocery £29.28
– Plant £4.00 (Gift)
– Promotion Savings (£2.76)
– Coupons (£0.79)
– Total Spend: £29.73

I also made a separate purchase of hair conditioner and hair repair at Boots. The conditioner was half price at £1.99, and the Aussie hair repair sachet was £1.25. I only paid 95p as I had a small balance on a gift card to use up.

Yay for being under budget in April!

March Grocery Budget £200 :: Spent £194.52 :: Leftover £5.48
Coupons and Points used £18.75

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How did you do in April?


10 thoughts on “Grocery Haul #12

  1. Well done Laura! I haven’t been tracking my spending on groceries but have decided to start doing that again using I’ve accepted a decluttering challenge from one of my readers – to bring home 3 items a day from school. A big chunk of my life is in that classroom and it’s time to start bringing home the things I want to keep.

  2. A delicious looking haul, as always. I haven’t been shopping in over a week and have been eating out like crazy. That needs to stop. To the store!

  3. Way to be under budget! I remember having the roughest time finding coupons for groceries when I lived in England. I used to email companies begging for them for a poor student – it often worked!

    1. Thanks Mel! I’ve given up trying to find coupons as they never seem to be for the products I buy. It’s easier to concentrate on buying items on sale. I see the Extreme Couponing shows and I’m in awe. although they’re a bit over the top :)

  4. Brilliant work to be under Budget again for March! I have to finish adding mine up but it will have to be on the weekend when term finishes.

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