Spending Report (23rd February 2014)

Good morning! Apologies for my absence this week – it’s been one of those weeks where thinking, and/or talking about money has been on the back burner.

On to my spending diary – which has been hastily put together this morning!

– £9.80 Kindle Books
– £8.85 Eating Out
– £20.00 Oyster Card Top Up

– £5.00 Gifts
– £30.00 Donation
– £14.29 Eating Out

– £36.50 Gifts
– £11.29 Eating Out

– £2.85 Eating Out
– £6.64 Grocery

– £25.99 Airport Parking
– £20.08 Grocery

– No spend day

– No spend day

So Monday! I totally forgot I was on a spending freeze in February and bought 3 books for our e-reader! I know they’re not physical purchases, but still, I’m silly (and forgetful!).

I’ve been in London for most of the week so there’s lots of eating out on my list – I’ve used a couple of vouchers so that has kept the cost down a little.

On Friday I booked airport parking for our trip to Portugal in April, which seems to be rapidly approaching!

How did you do this week? Did you track all of your spending?

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11 thoughts on “Spending Report (23rd February 2014)

  1. Hope things have just been on the backburner because you are busy (and hope nothing is wrong.)The Kindle books look like a good bargain!

    1. Thanks Fiona! I’m trying hard to get used to reading on a tablet!

      It was bad news I’m afraid :( My best friend is very poorly – it happened quickly and totally knocked us all for six.

      1. I’m sorry to hear that, Laura. You’re always very ‘low-key’ on your blog, so if you’ve been knocked for six I know that can’t be good. Sending good vibes and I hope all will be ok. (And I hope the Kindle books will be a welcome mini-distraction in between visits etc.)

  2. At first glance, I thought that was a lot of eating out. However, eating out in London for under £10 is a pretty good effort…!

    1. :) We don’t eat out when we’re at home, but it’s hard to avoid in London….I’m thankful for all the restaurant money off vouchers available these days!

  3. I have just deleted my first comment – by mistake! So here goes again.
    Sorry to hear about your friend these things happen when you least expect it. My hubby has a kindle but I am a paper book person and recently I have begun rereading a lot of my existing books so it has kept me out of the bookshops. I desparately need something to keep me out of the stationery shops LOL!
    I think your 2 no spend weekend days will help balance your weeks spending – eating out does mount up these days.

    1. I was totally a paper book person too, but I’m converting. I’ve given up with our small local library (unfortunately), and I’m also trying to avoid bringing new stuff into the house, so an e-reader is perfect.
      I love stationery too – it’s hard to resist!

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