Spending Report (16th February 2014)

Spinnaker TowerI’ve been out and about a little this week + had a visit to see both parents.

– No spend day

– £26.21 Grocery

– £2.00 Grocery
– £1.30 Car Parking
– £3.30 Eating Out (Ask)

– £2.90 Car Parking
– £2.59 Gift (Choccies for M)
– £29.80 Eating Out (Starbucks, Cafe Nero + Hotel Restaurant)

– No spend day

– No spend day

– No spend day

4 no spend days, but still a bad week! On Wednesday I used a £10 voucher towards my meal (M has his paid for), so this made it a very cheap meal out. Thursday evening the weather was so bad that we ate in the hotel – no vouchers to use there!

How did you do this week? Did you track all of your spending?

Photo: Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth, Hampshire

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16 thoughts on “Spending Report (16th February 2014)

  1. I almost forgot what a 4-no-spend-days-week feels like! My week has been as expensive as yours and I only had 1 no spend day which was yesterday. I am very disappointed! :( Hopefully, next week is going to be cheap as I’ll be stuck at home for a couple of days after my wisdom tooth removal surgery on Monday… and I won’t be able to eat solid food. Looking at the bright side, hey! ;)

  2. Hi there we saw this today when we went on a coastal walk on Gosport side of the water! How funny to see your photo . Wasnt it lovely to get out in the sunshine and such a blue sky. People everywhere enjoying themselves. Spring must be on its way soon. Thanks for your blog.

  3. Hi Laura
    We had an expensive week too, but are now in transition – we are away on holiday mid week for nearly two weeks, so no more food spending this month!! However, we had grandsons birthday on Saturday and family get together on Sunday so meals out both days – oops!! When we get back from holiday we will be preparing to move to Dorset for work until the end of the summer, so that’s when our budget starts to get really strict – we need to save as much as we can from our summer work. The Spinnaker Tower is about three miles away from us and we have enjoyed a few lovely beach walks over the last few months since we have been staying in Southsea.

  4. Oh – the comments I’ve left from my phone are not working :-(

    That’s a great week with 4 No Spends. It’s good to fit in fun things like eating out but without going too over the top.

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