£2,014 in 2014 Extra Income Challenge (Update)

Back in December I joined Sara (A Frugal Wife) in the £2,014 in 2014 Challenge*. The idea is to make and/or save an extra £2,014 throughout 2014.

*Because our annual budget starts in December, I’m doing this challenge until the end of November.

January Extra Income Total: £18.07
– £18.03 Book sales
– £0.04 Interest

Money saved, not spent*: £0.00!

*Money saved, not spent is from our budget categories (ignoring the mortgage payment).

My total for January is £18.07. Not a great month for me. In all honesty I didn’t give the challenge enough attention, but I’m hoping to change that this month. I have stuff ready to eBay just need to get myself organised to do it! I did put at least £9 into my sealed pot in January though, so not too bad.

 2014 Totals: £248.42/£2,014

19 thoughts on “£2,014 in 2014 Extra Income Challenge (Update)

  1. My January was not great either, and February (being very frugal month) does not hold too much promise either! However, we were saved by managing to get a good deal on our storage unit – saved around £230 which I am shamelessly adding to the total. Waiting for either good weather for car boot sale and/or zero insertion fees for ebay – at present both are almost impossible to find!! Good luck with your February. X

  2. Ooops …. I’ve not given this challenge a moments thought. I think I will have to bow out of it, although if I do manage to live the year on my £1 per day for food challenge, I’ll save over the £2014, so I guess I shouldn’t be TOO cross with myself :-)

  3. I haven’t joined in any of these challenges – but I do hope to make some money back on ebay with all the ‘stuff’ I want to get rid of. I am an ebay novice – just got a book spelling out what to do so it may be a while until I get started. I am hoping for a zero insertion fee period too. The £18.07 is better than nothing and takes you below the £2000 level. Hope February is more profitable for you.

  4. Heck, that 18 pounds more than I brought in this month.

    Ebay alone might be able to get you to your goal, if you’re aggressive enough with the purging. Best of luck in February!

  5. It sounds like a great challenge. I would love to join in but I have a big occasion to pay out for this year which is going to cost me £2,000 so maybe next year x

  6. £18 is better than nothing! Hopefully February will be better :) Good luck with ebay – I’ve never had success with selling things on there.

  7. We had a horrible January (not necessarily financially). The best part is that you still have 11 months to catch up:)

  8. £18 is still something. I haven’t brought in any extra income in January (but if I count in my commission from sales at work, I brought in just £73 after tax. Not a great month at all for commission (the worst in a long time, I’d say). Still better than nothing! ;)

    I have a lot of stuff to sell on Ebay but I keep putting this off… this seems like hard work and I cannot make myself do it! Must try harder!

    Hope February is a better month for you in side income department, Laura! :)

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