05. 01. 2014

Just grocery this week. My big haul on Monday and then a trip to a certain German supermarket on Friday for household supplies.


– £82.91 Grocery

– £16.54 Grocery (Household)

Five days into the New Year and we’re feeling positive about hitting our mortgage goal – making the first payment (+ a small over payment of £119.46) felt good……hopefully we can retain our focus for the next 11 over payments!

How did you do with your spending this week?

6 Responses to “Spending Report #1 (January 2014)”

  1. Sue says:

    Spending for me up to now this year – zero, zilch, nothing … not a penny, and it’s a good job as I’ve only five lonely little pounds in my purse :-)

  2. Nice work with the extra payment. That’s like an investment with a guaranteed rate of return over the life of your loan.

  3. Got started with my spending diary and the new year’s spending is going well so far. Hope I can keep as focused as you :)