Our Budget: February 2014

February Budget

February Financial Goals:

+ Save £300 towards 2014 travel
+ Save £100 in Gift Fund
+ Save £20 in personal care fund (dentist & optician)
+ Save £50 in S&S ISA
+ Make a £372.61 over payment to the mortgage
+ Stick to our grocery budget!

Miscellaneous Spending:

+ Planned clothing purchases
+ Three day trip to London (food only)
+ Travel Insurance Policy (for M who’s going on a stag do)

Ok that’s it for February. Back with my January wrap up in a couple of days!

14 thoughts on “Our Budget: February 2014

    1. Ha! Yes and March. M is working there so much and tries to come home every night, but it gets a bit much with the 4 hour + commute. To make it easier I’m going to stay there a lot more this year.
      In a way doing this gives us the best of both worlds – we can continue to live cheaply further north and still get the London experience. I also get to see to see my eldest daughter a lot more which is a bonus.
      I’m very spoiled these days, who knows how long that will continue for!

        1. Thanks Pru – we would move there if it wasn’t the MOST expensive city in the world lol!

  1. Great saving goals for February! Out of curiosity, what is your £130 websites spending?

    It’s great that you will have a chance to come to London so often in the next months, it’s an amazing place to be, although it can be hard not to spend any money ;)

    1. I pay hosting, domain registration and privacy fees for both websites annually. I’m not sure if this is a high cost or not! I don’t know how to switch providers!

      There’s so much temptation in London = I’m hoping to do better in February than I did in January!

  2. This is what I should have been doing tonight but I have been reading yours instead! I am curious too about the £130 website spend. Do you not have a phone bill or broadband?
    PS I think maybe I should hire you to do my budget!

    1. I pay hosting, domain registration and privacy fees for both websites annually.

      Our Internet costs are covered by my husbands job and we pay the phone bill (line rental only) annually – We only use it after 7pm and at the weekends to avoid any further costs.

      I would do budgets for free lol! :)

  3. Hope you don’t think I am being too nosy!! More interested in case I am missing something! And when can you start!

  4. It is so interesting to see a monthly budget and goals – I budget ‘backwards’ – savings comes out, then rent/food to the shared account, then spending money (for non food/rent/bills) and then the rest goes on the mortgage at the end of the month. Any rental income also goes on the mortage. It could be done better (ie all savings into the mortgage offset) so that’s something I might implement in the next month.

    I do agree, you run a lean budget, very impressive!

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