Combining Two Challenges for 2014!

We have one big financial goal for 2014, and that’s to clear our mortgage debt by at least £15,500. I wasn’t thinking of adding any other goals……..until Sara at A Frugal Wife, announced a £2,014 in 2014 extra income challenge. I mean that sounds like fun doesn’t it? Especially if you like getting creative with your budget and/or earning a little extra money like I do!

So then I had the idea of combining this challenge with the one that I’m already doing – The Sealed Pot Challenge being hosted over at Saving For Travel – and a double challenge was born.

A Sealed Pot stuffed with £2,014 by December 2014 would be wonderful….and would pay for a great anniversary meal – the original plan for my sealed pot savings ;)

Here’s my pot with its little owl friend (please don’t laugh at my craft skills, they are practically non-existent!)

Sealed Pot
So I’m all set. All I have to do now is think of the ways to make an extra £2,014!


Thanks to Sara and SFT for the inspiration.

20 thoughts on “Combining Two Challenges for 2014!

    1. That’s a good point – the money in the pot is normally a surprise amount….hmmm…..I’m thinking that I’ll aim to make/save from budget the £2k+, but still continue to throw extra coins into my pot. In theory I should then have a few pounds extra. My normal sealed pot bounty is less than £100.

      Are you doing the £2,014 challenge Sue?

      1. Yes, it was my Challenge to begin with, remember when I did £2012 in 2012. I missed this year as I was doing my other Challenge, but I am back to it for 2014.

  1. Hi Laura,
    I am combining both challenges too, also have Stacey’s 50p pot on the go too. Like you at this stage I cannot possible see how I can save £2014 in 12 months, but will take it one day at a time. I had a really good start last week and hit a weekly target, and a few pounds have been made this week. I don’t have a blog at present, but as there are a few of us now in the club, I may well sort one out so that it is easier to support each other. Good luck with the challenge, I shall now read your blog regularly to gain mutual support – and ideas of course!!

    1. Hi Alison and thank you for stopping by :)
      How great that you’ve already made a little money – I need to get my thinking cap on so that I can join you!

      I’m so glad a few of us are doing the challenge – it really helps when we all support each other.

  2. With a spirit of bravado I decided for both challenges too, seems like ages away but the New Year will soon be here and I haven’t a clue where to start! Here’s hoping we can all support each other and come up with some good ideas. I personally struggle with keeping it all logged, I’ve tried the blog but I think it’s back to the notebooks for me! :)

    1. Hi mabelandmaisy – so glad you’re joining in with both challenges – good luck!

      I’m think I’m going to use an excel spread sheet to track the money – a notebook is a good idea too!

  3. £2014 in 2014 sounds like a great challenge! I wish I could join too, but I’ve got so many goals for next year I simply have no space (or energy) for any more challenges :P Good luck with your two challenges!!

    PS – I love your owl mug! It’s super cute!

  4. Following up on other comments, I wondered if 2014 pounds would buy you an anniversary dinner in NYC, LOL! Do you have any travel plans for 2014? PS – I think a visit to West Elm is in my future :)

    1. Ha! We cross commented!

      What a great dinner that would be. I’m thinking I’ll put the money towards our West Coast trip in 2015 (it’s the big 50 birthday trip!) 2014 trips are (fingers crossed) Portugal in April and NY in October using Priority Points (woot!)

      I LOVE West Elm so much but I’m expecting it to be more expensive here in the UK, so I’ll probably wait till I go to NY…which as my husband like to jokingly point out works out a lot dearer because of the airfare….pfff! ;)

  5. I’m joining in!! I’m just going to use my piggy bank-Mr. Piggy. Dumb question but I wanted to double check. Are we saving for the entire year then cashing in whatever we save at the end of the challenge? Thanks!

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