Planned vs. Actual:

December Budget Round-Up

Budget Notes:

  • We increased the mortgage over payment a little
  • The energy company finally reduced the monthly payment to £105
  • I sent a photo on my phone and it didn’t imessage, costing me 25p!
  • We under spent the miscellaneous category – see below
  • We under spent on grocery, but I did cheat a little by shopping yesterday and calling it January!
  • Extra income was £213.00 – more to come in my £2,014 in 2014 Challenge update later this week….we sent some of the money to the mortgage.

Miscellaneous Spending:

Misc Spending

All pretty self-explanatory…..I think :)

December Financial Goals:

  • Save £1,000 towards house repair – YES
  • Save £25 in gift fund – YES
  • Save £20 in personal care fund (dentist & optician) – YES
  • Save £50 in S&S ISA – YES
  • Stick to grocery budget – YES (ISH)

Now if I could just order 11 more of these for 2014, I’ll be very happy!

How did your December go?

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10 Responses to BUDGET ROUND-UP: DECEMBER 2013

  1. Saving so much in December was an amazing achievement, Laura. Hope I can develop a saving habit like yours in 2014. Best wishes for 2014 xo

  2. That’s a tight budget! 1600 to 1700 pounds total spending in a month is pretty remarkable. We’re hoping to get into that range (in dollars) in 2014.

  3. That is really good, especially the savings. It looks like no magazines leaped into your grocery cart :)

  4. Happy New Year Laura! Looking forward to kicking it up a notch this year on our goals! :-)

    ~ Pru

  5. Scarlet says:

    December was much the same as the rest of the year. I did increase the standing order which goes into the savings account; only by £10, but it does mean that we’re now saving 13% of our income each month. Considering how low our income is I’m really pleased.Every little really does help!

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