Planned vs. Actual:

December Budget Round-Up

Budget Notes:

  • We increased the mortgage over payment a little
  • The energy company finally reduced the monthly payment to £105
  • I sent a photo on my phone and it didn’t imessage, costing me 25p!
  • We under spent the miscellaneous category – see below
  • We under spent on grocery, but I did cheat a little by shopping yesterday and calling it January!
  • Extra income was £213.00 – more to come in my £2,014 in 2014 Challenge update later this week….we sent some of the money to the mortgage.

Miscellaneous Spending:

Misc Spending

All pretty self-explanatory…..I think :)

December Financial Goals:

  • Save £1,000 towards house repair – YES
  • Save £25 in gift fund – YES
  • Save £20 in personal care fund (dentist & optician) – YES
  • Save £50 in S&S ISA – YES
  • Stick to grocery budget – YES (ISH)

Now if I could just order 11 more of these for 2014, I’ll be very happy!

How did your December go?

10 thoughts on “BUDGET ROUND-UP: DECEMBER 2013

  1. That’s a tight budget! 1600 to 1700 pounds total spending in a month is pretty remarkable. We’re hoping to get into that range (in dollars) in 2014.

    1. Ha! December was magazine purchase free…although I did get two on subscription. Both subs are nearly finished so I have to make the most of them lol.

  2. December was much the same as the rest of the year. I did increase the standing order which goes into the savings account; only by £10, but it does mean that we’re now saving 13% of our income each month. Considering how low our income is I’m really pleased.Every little really does help!

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