Sandbanks Area Poole

 We revised our annual goals a little last month – it made sense to as things have changed a lot over the last few months.

New Financial Goals for 2013:

  1. Reduce our mortgage balance to less than £72,000 – Starting balance before September 1st payment: £75,950. New balance £75,400. We’ve now paid off £9,550 in 2013…yay…..and I can’t wait for this to be over £10k next month!
  2. Complete and pay for all house repairs – Approximate cost £4,000. Ongoing! All repairs should be finished and paid for by the end of September…fingers crossed.
  3. Spend no more than £2,500 on groceries – Current spend (8 months Dec-July inc.) £1,660.62. I spent £251.30 in August, leaving £588.08 for the next 3 months . Total spend: £1,911.92/£2,500.

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Photo taken on my walk along the road to Sandbanks in Poole, Dorset this morning…it’s the only one I took as I was so intent on my marching. It’s a very pleasant area to get fit in :)

7 thoughts on “2013 FINANCIAL GOALS (UPDATE #9)

    1. ……..as fast as I build it, B eats it lol!!! The view is much nicer than my usual one – makes you want to exercise….well a little more than usual ;)

  1. You can accomplish these goals! One idea might be for you to take some of the grocery money and set some aside (or earmark it) – especially if you have any special celebrations in the next 3 months. (For us in the States I would be thinking about Thanksgiving.) Think about any upcoming birthdays, parties etc. where you might be hosting or bringing food. Remember to factor those in now. ~Pru

  2. Oh Laura I am so pleased the house repairs have gone so well and look how much you have paid off your mortgage this year. AMAZING!

    Sft x

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