My husband’s employer keeps throwing us curve balls, and grateful as we are that he even has a job, we’ve decided to stop planning our life around them…..well at least until they make a decision on just how much of the country he actually can cover as one man! I’m saying that, not him. He’s very calm about the whole situation. I can’t blog about it too much, but suffice to say our move south is delayed for the time being!

And so our plans have changed. Again. Or are they just back to where they were? Who knows!

So 2013 Financial Goals.

Things have changed a lot for us over the last 7/8 months, and with only a few months of 2013 left, we’ve decided to revise our goals a little rather than keep working towards ones that are unrealistic, or no longer a priority.

New Financial Goals for 2013:

  1. Reduce our mortgage balance to less than £72,000 – Current balance is £75,950.
  2. Complete and pay for all house repairs – Approximate cost £4,000
  3. Spend no more than £2,500 on groceries – Current spend (8 months Dec-July inc.) £1,660.62

That’s it. Just three. Right now we just want to get back on track with killing the mortgage!

9 thoughts on “2013 FINANCIAL GOALS (UPDATE #8)

  1. You’ve had really significant employment curve balls all year…it amazes me that you *both* sound so calm with all the adjustments. You are doing a great job.

    I hope that you get some ‘definites’ soon from DH’s work so you can firm up your plans. It must be very frustrating!

    1. DH is always pretty level with everything…me not so much lol! The latest round of changes makes us even more determined to make ourselves autonomous.
      Thanks for your on going support Fiona – I waited (for ages) to blog our latest change of plans and it still it bites me.

  2. At least to seem to be able to roll with the changes, this is exactly how we have had to be for this last few years….. roll on retirement is all I can say.

  3. Three goals: I like it! Focus on a few important initiatives should pay off. I’m a big proponent of killing the mortgage and getting it below 72,000 is a great milestone.

    1. Thanks Done by Forty! I know paying off a mortgage is not always the best financial move to make, but for us it just feels the right thing to do. We want total debt freedom!

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