Menu Planning: Cost per meal

I did a little on this last November, and had planned on doing a follow up, but promptly forget……the reminder came when I was updating my sadly neglected price book.

We eat the same meals all the time (and like it that way!), however if you’re trying to limit your spending, then it pays to work out the cost of every meal, and plan your menu around it.

For example, in our house chicken fajitas costs £6+ per meal, whereas Chili and Rice costs us £2.48….fajitas every week would bump our grocery spending, chili would not!  I’ll add a disclaimer – I’m not the most frugal cook and this is all relative to the food you prefer and your own personal grocery budget! :)

Here’s another meal break down – I plan to do it for all the meals we eat over the next few weeks and then make some sort of master list.

Chili Chow Mein Noodles and Sausages…a strange combination that came about from having two leftover cooked sausages in the fridge. We liked it so much we now have sausages with noodles all the time :)
Cost to make:
– £2.50 Sausages (x6)
– £0.20 Noodles (AF)
– £0.56 1/2 packet frozen stir fry veg
– £0.25 1/4 packet frozen peppers (thanks CT Mom for that suggestion)
– £0.10 Soy Sauce
– £0.25 Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce
Total £3.86

The meal would cost a little more (+13p), if I didn’t have the cheap noodles.

Okay onto our menu plan……….I’m off to London until Wednesday, so it’s a shortened week

  • Wednesday: Veggie Burger with Fries and Salad
  • Thursday: Baked Salmon and Veggies
  • Friday: Quiche and Salad
  • Saturday: Chicken Fajitas
  • Sunday: Pasta Bolognese


That’s it for today! What”s on your menu this week?


12 thoughts on “Menu Planning: Cost per meal

  1. We too eat mostly the same meals on a bit of a rotation, it’s a good idea to know the costings of each meal too, it’s something I’ve never really done in detail. I have so much in stock at the moment and I don’t know why I have even bought some of the ingredients that I am finding as I delve deep into the store cupboard, but once they are gone I doubt very much they will be replaced.

    Eating simply and living simply really is so liberating, and the sooner I can embrace it completely the happier I will be.

  2. There are certain meals I make that I know are very low-cost, like lentil stew, but I haven’t tried this. I mostly just try to limit my purchase of expensive ingredients. I hope you have a great time in London – it’s too bad our paths won’t cross, since I’ll be there in two weeks’ time – will you get to the Design Museum?

    1. My Mum came to London too, so no Design Museum – we’re very opposite in our likes these days and I took her shopping ALL day Tuesday to cheer her up. The next day my feet wouldn’t of made it across town to the DM – next time I will go! :)

  3. This sounds like a really sensible thing to do & I had been thinking of doing something similar, but wasn’t sure how to organise myself. (P.S. We have chicken fajitas once or twice a month – I’m now wondering how much that meal costs us!!)

  4. Hope you have a great time in London, Laura. I’ve worked out some of our meal costs, there were some really surprising ones (fajitas are now once a month, not once a week!)

  5. hope you have a fabulous trip! We do have the same meals often, but mostly because my kids are still a bit picky. ;-) They are very basic eaters, & would be happy with noodles & meatballs every night!

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