Grocery Spending March #1

I would love to add extra money to the mortgage over payment on April 1st, so I’m challenging myself to reduce our grocery spending this month. I set the budget at £200 (I spent more than that in February!), which is more than enough for two of us if  I don’t get tempted in the supermarket!

I completed a menu plan and a freezer inventory before hitting the shops yesterday…..I’m hoping this food will last us for two weeks, give or take extra milk and fruit.

First stop the German supermarket right across town – I did stockpile 3 packets of loo rolls as they are 30p a packet cheaper than a similar product in another store.


  • £5.97 Loo Rolls
  • £1.58 Sweet Chili Sauce
  • £0.88 Branflakes (not pictured!)
  • £0.89 Tortilla Wraps
  • £0.89 Sour Cream
  • £0.85 Onions
  • £1.79 Grapes
  • £0.95 New Potatoes
  • £1.98 Hovis x 2

Total: £15.78


grocery 2

  • £2.30 Lg Frozen Peas 
  • £2.00 Oven Chips (£1.00)
  • £10.00 Beef, Mince & Cod Fillets (£2.00)
  • £5.00 Sausages x 12 (£0.98)
  • £5.00 Pies x 2 (£2.30)
  • £2.50 Salmon  (Half Price)
  • £1.29 Marmalade
  • £0.98 Yogurt
  • £0.90 Mousse
  • £0.70 Chopped Tomatoes x 2
  • £2.60 Potatoes
  • £1.60 Naan x 4
  • £0.17 Carrots
  • £2.28 Personal Items
  • £0.29 Thin Bleach
  • £3.00 Cheese
  • £1.79 Milk
  • £0.40 Cucumber Portion

Total: £42.80 (5% off gift card so actual cost £40.66)

– £9.99 Saturday 2nd March
– £56.44 Monday 4th March

Are you trying to save money on your grocery budget this month?

16 thoughts on “Grocery Spending March #1

  1. I’m trying to but failing miserably already :( Really wish I could get my butt in gear and keep within our budget!

  2. It is so hard not to get tempted at the supermarket. I wish I had the discipline to eat smaller (i.e. normal-sized) portions – we blow our budget mainly on quantities. You do so well in this area…and all very healthy too (salmon looks yum!)

    1. Some of it’s healthy, some not so much! I’m better shopping on my own – hubby puts treats in the trolley which he can get away with eating as he has age on his side lol! :)

  3. You can do it Laura! I desperately need to rein in my food spending. It is all about getting organized. Also, I love seeing your shopping and menus. You eat such a nice variety. I tend to stick to the same things which is why I probably fall off the wagon.

    1. Thank you, hopefully I can. It’s definitely about being organised. I feel like we eat the same things all the time, but that’s how we like it :)

  4. I’m hoping to save on my food shopping this month too. I think being organised (like you have with completing an inventory & meal plan) and shopping when you’re not tired or hungry is key.

    When I completed my online shop for this week I forgot some of our basics for our menu plan including bread, cheese & spaghetti (duh!) and I’m blaming that on being tired & not feeling well at the time I did my shop.

    We’ve had to nip to the shops a couple of times already (it’s only Wednesday!) and it’s ruined my budget for this week.

    I am feeling better now, so I don’t have any excuses for next week!

    Good luck!

    1. When I do an online shop I ALWAYS forgot stuff – not sure why, in theory it should be easier not to forgot stuff!

      Good luck this month and glad you’re feeling better :)

  5. We are definitely trying to keep the grocery numbers in check. Last month it was very high, stocking up on meat, etc. This month we are bringing the food to my other son’s birthday (my parents are hosting), which will also mean another expensive month. Have to keep a close eye on things, & carefully review the menu, leftovers, etc.

  6. I’m being super strict with myself this month, I want to see the back of the food cupboards and the bottom of the freezer. I have £20 in my purse to pay for ALL the fresh stuff we need :-)

  7. I also have a total monthly budget of £200 for two and a half of us. I usually spend £150 ish online including milk to freeze and only top up on fresh veg, salads and fruit. If I’ve forgotten to order something 99% of the time I substitute or menu swop. The extra money goes into my shopping purse and sometimes goes on a treat in the last week or to stick pile items. Just placed my first approved foods order so that’s £30 gone already of my April budget.

    1. Hi Emma! Do you do one big online shop for the month? I often thing about doing that (even tried it for a short while), but right now I’m trying a 2 weekly shop.

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