Saturday Miscellany

Good morning! A little financial miscellany:

  • I was expecting two weeks of unpaid leave in January – not the case now so this will give our budget a boost
  • I can’t decide if we should add the extra money to our mortgage payment or use it to buy a new guest room bed (k. is taking her bed with her when she moves)
  • I needed to pay £3 into the work lottery syndicate and I can’t decide if this breaks my January no spend lol – it’s a regular thing, but I forgot to add it in the budget.
  • I’ve been trying to use a cash back credit card to pay for grocery etc the last couple of months and I’m still not sure if I like it. Building the cash back is great, but I think I prefer to use cash or my debit card so that I know exactly where I am ALL of the time.
  • We spotted a little wet/dry (?) rot around a door to our under stairs cupboard, which will need immediate attention! Cost?


Okay I’m off to work. Have a lovely day :)

9 thoughts on “Saturday Miscellany

  1. I say use the money to find out about the wetspot That does sound a little dirty but you know what I mean

  2. It would be tragic if you stopped paying into the lottery pool and your work group had a big win; you’ll have to count that as an essential expense, LOL!

  3. I feel the same way about the credit card. I’m using it for the grocery gift cards but I have to say I still feel quite uncomfortable with it at this point.

    1. I think I like to know exactly where I stand everyday. Not sure what to do though because I like the cashback!

  4. Some credit cards, such as the one I use, show all transactions immediately and show up as temporary authorizations until they clear processing. That would get rid of the problem you are seeing but it probably varies by card.

    1. I could make payments to the cc as soon as I use it but then it would perhaps be confusing…need to think about this one.

  5. I am attempting to charge everything to my cash rewards credit card in 2013. Because I do all my banking online I can make multiple payments throughout the month. When I see a charge appear in my online bill I pay it from my chequing account. No balance at the end of the month!

    I would spend the extra money on the wood rot situation. I learned, after a very expensive car repair, to keep up with maintenance and not wait and see.

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