Menu Planning & Grocery Budget (January #2)

I’m late with my menu plan again. My daughter is moving home and I’m so caught up in it, I feel like I’m moving.

Anyway between the clothes sorting and the box packing, I’ve been food shopping and had a food delivery. The food delivery was my first from Approved Foods, and it’s certainly stocked up the cupboards!

approved foodsStore cupboard


Not pictured but I also stocked up on meat, fruit and veggies this week.

One example of how AF reduces the cost of your shopping: My price books tells me the cheapest I’ve ever bought a jar of our favorite salsa is £1.06 (when it was on a 3 for 2 offer). AF price £0.75. When you apply this across a lot of goods it saves you a lot of money.

2013 Grocery Budget: (Dec-Nov)

Goal: £2,000

Spent: £390.88

I would love to get back on budget bring the budget a little back in line by the end of February (first quarter of our budget year) – so end of Feb spending = £500, but I’m not sure I can do it.



I’m experimenting with a six-week menu plan which I’ve worked around my shifts at work. It will be subject to little changes, but I’m trying to stick to it as much as possible.

6 week menu plan

I seem to be spending way too much time on my grocery budget this year, but keeping control track of every expense will really help us to achieve out mortgage debt reduction goal of £25,000.

13 thoughts on “Menu Planning & Grocery Budget (January #2)

  1. You do save a small fortune with Approved foods I love it awaiting our order witth 5 kilos capuccino mix will keep OH in coffee for a year!Savings us £45 .It is always hard on 1st quarter with grocery budget but I always find it evens out after then.Good luck.

    1. Good point about the 1st quarter being hard Andrea. I do have christmas food in my figures. Hopefully it’ll even out :)

  2. Glad you are enjoying the excitement of the move! You’ve made two changes to your grocery budget – stocking up, and getting orders – so you will see a big impact. The meal “cycle” is a good idea!

  3. I like the six week plan. I used to plan 1 month in advance.

    Now that I have a new baby (plus a job, plus a 6 year old), I plan a week in advance. I cook a meal on Saturday that we eat Sat-Sun-Mon, and a crockpot meal on Weds that we eat Wed-Thu-Fri. I make a big batch of “something” for lunches. And Tuesday is baked chicken and broccoli.

  4. I too feel like I spent a TON of time on my menu planning. . . but, it has reduced our grocery bill. Not terribly drastically, since we still spend 80% of our budget on fresh produce & dairy, but reducing that other 20% has helped.

    1. a 20% reduction is still great though – I often wonder how much we would spend if I didn’t menu plan….probably too much! :)

  5. meal planning is my biggest failure in this house, I must do it as it does make life so much easier.

    Wish we had something like approved foods over here in Canada.


  6. Hi Laura, Thanks for the update on approved food, im definately going to give them a go. I seem to be doing fairly well on saving money on everything else other than food, so i guess a food plan is the way to go. You have done so well with your six week plan, i hate that oh what shall we have for dinner today conversation that we seem to have every day. Good luck with the saving im sure now youve stocked up your food budget over the next couple of months will start to come in line to where you want it. Best wishes

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