January No/Low Spend & Decluttering Challenge Update #2

I’m taking part in Carla’s January No/Low Spend @ Decluttering Challenge, find all the details here :)

No/Low Spend Challenge

My Personal Goals for the challenge:


My de-cluttering goal is to clear our tiny box room. I’ve kept quite a bit of stuff in there for when my youngest daughter sets up a home, and/or to donate, and next month it’s happening (sniff): My ‘baby’ is moving into a flat with her boyfriend and anything not passed on will be donated. I also hope to have a de-cluttered spare bedroom…which I can then decorate in February.

Week two of the challenge and this time my daughter helped. We spent a good couple of hours sorting through her ‘stuff’ and making decisions on what was going and what was staying. Here’s the end result (it’s not pretty!)

Lots of stuff to move…

bed after

floor after

But here’s the box room of our house now…

Box room after

You couldn’t get in this room last week (first photo), so I’m calling this a success. And when k. moves next weekend we will have an empty ‘spare’ (sniff) bedroom, which I can’t wait to decorate…..very simply.


For the finance part of the challenge my goal will be: No Personal Spending. At all. No books, no coffee’s, no exceptions. I will only ‘spend’ on budgeted expenses. We don’t have any birthdays coming up, or any outings planned (I hibernate in January), so it’s a great month to do it. I will be spending some money helping K out with her move, but that will be in the budget.

My only personal spending so far has been £3 for the work lottery syndicate. I forgot to add this to my budget at the the start of January and so it’s an unplanned expense as such. Although it is a regular payment. I can’t decide if I’ve broken my no spend rule or not lol. :)

If you’re taking part in the challenge, how are you doing? Have you made any progress with your decluttering?

As always thank you to Carla for organising us :)


6 thoughts on “January No/Low Spend & Decluttering Challenge Update #2

  1. I had forgooten how small those box rooms are in Britain. My bedroom growing up was probably twice as wide and as long, but it was amazing what we managed to squeeze in there.

    Well done on your decluttering.


  2. I only have $17.00 left for my No Spend January and I owe $8.00 to my work lottery pool at the end of the month. There is a lot of loose change around here and I might have to start rolling to get through the month.

    The rest of January will require a lot of cooking from scratch with what is in the pantry and eating frozen fruit and vegetables to stay on budget. I miss dinner in styrofoam containers with little plastic knives and forks.

  3. My clutter project is pretty small but it coming right along. But like last year my major clutter project is to get back on our shed/barn.
    We have a lottery here called “Power Ball” and “Mega Million” the only time I get a ticket is when it’s over a 100 million…I couldn’t live on anything less…”lol”…Mine is up and the coffee is on.

  4. I wasn’t considering myself apart of the De-cluttering/No-spending January, but it has been happening on its own. I guess I have just gotten better with living on a budget and not spending money where it isn’t necessary!

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