Here we go with another month then.

Our income is slightly reduced this month (my job, don’t ask! ;)) but we should still be able to achieve our savings target and help my daughter with her house move.

January 2013 Budget



  • I’m taking part in Carla’s No/Low Spending Challenge this month and so my personal spending allowance is set to ZERO! Eek!! Wish me luck ;)
  • I still haven’t had a haircut (and won’t be doing this month either), so that’s not in the budget.
  • The window cleaner wasn’t around in December, so I still have that £9 to roll over.
  • I’ve allocated £200 to buy K. essentials for her flat, but hopefully I’ll spend less than that
  • Grocery I’ve left at £200 although I’ll be aiming for less



  • No personal spending
  • Make £100 above our regular income


Are you taking part in Carla’s Challenge? Are you ready to take on your budget in 2013?


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6 thoughts on “BUDGET: JANUARY 2013

  1. Yes!! to budgets for the new year. As always yours looks very good. We are focusing on keeping ours in line as well.

  2. I am also keeping my budget in check and reduce money on groceries which means more money for holiday.

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