02. 01. 2013

Here we go with another month then.

Our income is slightly reduced this month (my job, don’t ask! ;)) but we should still be able to achieve our savings target and help my daughter with her house move.

January 2013 Budget






Are you taking part in Carla’s Challenge? Are you ready to take on your budget in 2013?


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6 Responses to “BUDGET: JANUARY 2013”

  1. Juhli says:

    Yes!! to budgets for the new year. As always yours looks very good. We are focusing on keeping ours in line as well.

  2. I’m taking part as well! My goal is to keep our weekly spending in check & follow our budget! (Easier said than done, some times. :-))

  3. Andrea says:

    I am also keeping my budget in check and reduce money on groceries which means more money for holiday.