Thursday Leftovers & Friday Buffet

It’s just hubby and I for dinner today, so it’s the remains of our turkey dinner with bubble & squeak on the menu. Tomorrow it’s a family buffet (for six), so I’ll be cooking up a few sausage rolls, a Quiche and anything else we have that needs to be eaten (before I start my diet healthy eating plan on Saturday!!!)

Fridge Leftovers
Our fridge this morning

Are you trying to empty your fridge today?


Back tomorrow with the budget figures for December :)

6 thoughts on “Thursday Leftovers & Friday Buffet

  1. I’m portioning up the massive amount of Stilton we seem to have accumulated into individual portions (I don’t eat the stuff), then LH can have a reasonable sized portion each time he wants a glass of port as a treat in the evenings and non of the Stilton will go out of date and be unusable.

    The added plus is that my fridge will stop smelling like a cupboard full of smelly socks!!

    Sue xx

  2. Everything is portioned up and frozen and anything else will be eaten by weekend just need to get rid of all the chocolates in the house DH has a very sweet tooth……I am also on health kick as of Saturday.

  3. It may be a strange question but what made you decide to start your healthy eating regimen on a Saturday?

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