27. 12. 2012

It’s just hubby and I for dinner today, so it’s the remains of our turkey dinner with bubble & squeak on the menu. Tomorrow it’s a family buffet (for six), so I’ll be cooking up a few sausage rolls, a Quiche and anything else we have that needs to be eaten (before I start my diet healthy eating plan on Saturday!!!)

Fridge Leftovers

Our fridge this morning

Are you trying to empty your fridge today?


Back tomorrow with the budget figures for December :)

6 Responses to “Thursday Leftovers & Friday Buffet”

  1. Sue says:

    I’m portioning up the massive amount of Stilton we seem to have accumulated into individual portions (I don’t eat the stuff), then LH can have a reasonable sized portion each time he wants a glass of port as a treat in the evenings and non of the Stilton will go out of date and be unusable.

    The added plus is that my fridge will stop smelling like a cupboard full of smelly socks!!

    Sue xx

  2. Andrea says:

    Everything is portioned up and frozen and anything else will be eaten by weekend just need to get rid of all the chocolates in the house DH has a very sweet tooth……I am also on health kick as of Saturday.

  3. K.K. @ Living Debt Free Rocks! says:

    It may be a strange question but what made you decide to start your healthy eating regimen on a Saturday?